City plans to dip into solid waste fees to catch up on abandoned property demolition

...ensure the planning and execution is as timely and efficient as it can be."The city has hundreds of properties across five ZIP codes for which owners have ceased paying taxes and left their properties to deteriorate. It has made little progress since...

Music by Turner: Musicians find harmony performing downtown

...Brown Arena. In a few years, we will be able to add the soon-to-be-renovated Miller Theater to the list too, making the 30901 ZIP code the primary musical destination in the area.Music in downtown Augusta? It sure sounds good to me!

Ski resorts turn themselves into summer destinations

...Vail Resorts' docket this summer: four zip lines, three ropes courses, 18 holes of...activities," and last year it predicted that zip lines, bike parks, disc golf and Segway...course full of ladders, cargo nets and zip lines at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in...

2015 Lexus RC coupe adds zip to staid Lexus line

The latest from luxury automaker Lexus is an audacious-looking sport coupe that turns heads and challenges long-held stereotypes of Lexus cars as sedate, plush rides.

Local court warns of e-mail scam

...state court. State court officials said court notices always go out by mail, and never by e-mail.The e-mail includes a .ZIP attachment that is supposed to contain information on the court appearance, but it could possibly contain a virus. Unlike other...

Rants & Raves

...show on WGAC radio? Sure, it was all one-sided, but it beat a solid half-hour of commercials. IRS CHIEF SAYS all the problems with IRS have "already been addressed." Anytime a politician says "addressed," it adds up to zip.

Alligator coasters trending in golf shop

...shop's staff, who helped him select a navy Magnolia Lane ladies golf shirt made of quick-drying material and featuring a zip-down collar."They were very friendly and helpful," he said of the staff. "I went through two or three different items...

Rants & Raves

...worked out!! WHEN DRIVING around the CSRA I notice quite a few tail-gaters. Also, some people on I-20 or I-520 like to zip up the left lane until they get to their exit then get off at the last second by cutting back across in front of others. I don't...

DirecTV ends ad campaign with Rob Lowe

...over the 93,000 who signed up in the fourth quarter of 2013.In an age when half of all TV households have the ability to zip through commercials on their DVRs, Lowe's DirecTV spots cut through in a big way. They've run for free during the actor's...

Rants & Raves

...10 miles from the nearest edge of the Hephzibah city limits have Hephzibah getting blamed for Augusta's crimes because of a ZIP code? Let Augusta own its crime problem and quit smearing Hephzibah. FRIENDLY CUSTOMER service should be a priority for all...