Jackson Street honors remarkable Georgian

...was Georgia's first dominant political leader, its first elected congressman, a U.S. senator and a governor.Zell Miller, himself a governor and historian, once wrote Jackson "ranks among the greatest patriots and fighters of corruption...

Ramblin' Rhodes: 45 years of columns make for some notable quotes

...man, you'll just walk around thinking you're the greatest thing since sliced bread." THEN GEORGIA LT. GOV. ZELL MILLER, on listening to the Grand Ole Opry radio program in the North Georgia mountains: "I can remember that little thrill...

Test your knowledge of October events from Augusta history

...in October 1973.A. Button GwinnettB. William FewC. Lyman HallD. Betsy Ross10. In October 1970, The Chronicle surprised many with its endorsement of what gubernatorial candidate? A. Hal SuitB. Jimmy CarterC. Lester MaddoxD. Zell Miller

Has the party left you?

...family's name all without asking me." Now where's the outrage?Do you remember former Democratic Georgia Gov. Zell Miller, who gave a speech in support of George W. Bush because he was so fed up with the Democratic Party? He later said...

By the Book: Story takes readers inside Georgia Governor's Mansion

...requested an unlisted number to keep tipsy friends from calling at all hours.Each man brought his own flavor to the home. Zell Miller was a pingpong fan; Roy Barnes liked pranks, frightening col leagues with a rubber snake; and Lester Maddox forbade...

Ga. pipeline practices changed over time

...the General Assembly placed a year-long moratorium on pipeline companies' eminent domain right. And then-Gov. Zell Miller gave Tanner the task of working with landowners to come up with legislation limiting the rights of pipeline companies...

Gov. Deal: Change Confederate license plate

...two-thirds of the rectangle. That version remained in place for decades, surviving a 1993 attempt by former Gov. Zell Miller to replace it before the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.Deal commended Miller and former Gov. Roy Barnes, who was in office...

A true hometown hero

...near-complete command of the General Assembly helped win approval for his initiatives. Former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Zell Miller ? then a state senator who had served with Sanders ? said the Augustan "was the last governor to so totally dominate...

Kirby: Not many mind that John Barrow is moving back to Athens

...Gwinnett County town then so small it didn't have a dog catcher.(Busbee had a sly sense of humor.)Others, such as Zell Miller or Strom Thurmond or even Jimmy Carter, went back to the small towns from which they came, which seems as it should...

Middle-class Georgia voters at core of HOPE debate

...Robinson said that would have hit middle-class Georgians hardest.In a television ad released Thursday, former Gov. Zell Miller, a Democrat who created the HOPE program, credited Deal with "rising to the challenge" when HOPE was in danger...