A true hometown hero

...near-complete command of the General Assembly helped win approval for his initiatives. Former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Zell Miller ? then a state senator who had served with Sanders ? said the Augustan "was the last governor to so totally dominate...

Kirby: Not many mind that John Barrow is moving back to Athens

...Gwinnett County town then so small it didn't have a dog catcher.(Busbee had a sly sense of humor.)Others, such as Zell Miller or Strom Thurmond or even Jimmy Carter, went back to the small towns from which they came, which seems as it should...

Middle-class Georgia voters at core of HOPE debate

...Robinson said that would have hit middle-class Georgians hardest.In a television ad released Thursday, former Gov. Zell Miller, a Democrat who created the HOPE program, credited Deal with "rising to the challenge" when HOPE was in danger...

Rants & Raves

...challenges of life for having done this. This is comparable to the money spent studying the effects cocaine has on monkeys. ZELL MILLER NEEDS to crawl back under the rock he has been hiding under for years. Anyone who would endorse a socialist who is...

Zell Miller wants to have it both ways

Zell Miller is, as Judge Judy would put it, a piece of work - and that is not a compliment. Nobody prevented him from joining a group of Neanderthals - but he cannot have his cake and eat it, too. Saroja Venkatraman,Martinez

Zell Miller set to retire in 2004

WASHINGTON - Democratic Sen. Zell Miller, a popular former Georgia governor, announced Wednesday he won't seek re-election in 2004 - a move that could complicate...

Zell Miller loses his vote

Here's why I cannot vote for Zell Miller to be Georgia's U.S. senator: Mr. Miller is a storyteller. How many remember his broken pledge not to seek a second gubernatorial...

Zell Miller's career was never predictable

...Black said. "For a lot of Republicans and independents, Zell expressed a lot of the opinions they hold themselves." Zell Miller Occupation: Retiring U.S. senator Party: Democrat Age: 72, born Feb. 24, 1932, in Young Harris, Ga. Residence...

Zell Miller will face consequences

U.S. Sen. Zell Miller's, D-Ga., "divorce" from the Democratic Party should come as no surprise. A lot of folks have questioned his position...

Zell Miller, party of one

No one should be surprised that Zell Miller doesn't want to run for re-election to a full term as U...out to eat, don't be surprised to hear the headwaiter say, "Zell Miller, party of one?"