Top travel destinations for 2015

NEW YORK - See Cuba before it changes. Check out the Expo in Milan. And if you're heading to New York City to see the view from 1 World Trade Center's observatory (scheduled to open late spring), take the subway to Queens and see...

Local deputies to attend funeral service of slain NYPD police officer

...thousands are expected to attend the funeral of fallen New York City police officer Rafael Ramos.Among them will be eight...said Richmond County Lt. Lewis Blanchard, who is in New York City for Ramos' service. "But when two officers are ambushed...

Treat police with respect

I've seen continuous coverage of the killings in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City of supposed innocent people who were doing nothing wrong. Supposedly the police attacked them, and as a result they died. That...

Rants & Raves

...to want to vote you out of office come the next election. I AGREE WITH THE grand jury decisions in Fergu son and New York City. I WAS PLEASED TO see that Bill Kirby said something about Pearl Harbor. He said that Augusta was ill prepared just...

Direct flight from Augusta to D.C. to resume in the spring

...depending on the day," she said.American Airlines will also offer occasional direct flights to LaGuardia Airport in New York City and Philadelphia International Airport from April 6 to 13 for the 2015 Masters Tournament.

The Artside: Mellencamp brings his art, then his music to Augusta

...from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 10. The evening is free for members and $5 for others.When Mellencamp moved to New York City in the 1970s, he had several major interests and was considering a career in painting, dance or music. When his second...

Airline employee in gun plot

...of helping smuggle firearms onto passenger jets to New York City has been arrested by federal agents, authorities said...shortly before Harvey's flight departed Atlanta for New York City on Dec. 10.When Henry was arrested, authorities confiscated...

Attitude adjustment

...Dell was created in a university dorm room. And the code for Foursquare, a popular mobile app, was written in New York City coffeehouses.Startup businesses currently using The Clubhou.se include consulting firms, the creator of a text message-based...

Planning ahead: Vacationers do photo shoots with cards in mind

...would be in a studio, said Karen Seifert, a co-owner of I Heart New York, which mostly photographs visitors to New York City. Many families book their session when they start planning their trip, she said.It's not uncommon for them to arrive...

BlackBerry launches Classic in last-ditch effort

...aiming for loyal customers. And that is true," CEO John Chen said at the gadget's launch event, tellingly held in New York City's Financial District. But he also invited people who haven't used a BlackBerry "especially people who are young...