Smart, social -- and messy -- birds make great pets, fans say

...since trade in wild birds is illegal in many states, according to Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, in New York City. "A pet bird bred in captivity and hand-fed by aviculturalists makes for a much happier, healthier pet," he said...

Did your dog get skunked? Here's an easy remedy

Buddy is a New York City dog, accustomed to bedtime walks around the block on a leash. But on family vacations in rural Maine, I let her out the back...

Scuttlebiz: Columbia County high on worker export

...counties that RealtyTrac ranked, Aiken County comes in 208th and Columbia County 288th. (The bottom of the list is New York City at 370.)Richmond County got lots of points for an average down payment assistance of $10,700. That represents 17...

Vet recalls different end

...return from Vietnam.The welcome home for Vietnam veterans happened on Saturday, March 31, 1973, on Broadway in New York City. The event lasted all day and included bagpipers, hundreds of American flags and large sidewalk crowds displaying approval...

5 charged in credit card 'cloning' thefts

...pharmacies, grocery and department stores.On May 29, Aiken County sheriff's investigators arrested Brian Wu, 51, of New York City, while he was completing a transaction at a store in the Bi-Lo shopping center on U.S. Highway 1. He was charged...

Nature, history buffs will find Connecticut town delightful

For naturalists and history buffs, Old Saybrook makes for a relaxing weekend retreat halfway between Boston and New York City

Ex-police chief's retrial in shooting death to open in new venue

...compared to the shooting of a black man in Ferguson, Mo., and the chokehold death of a black man by police officers in New York City.At Combs' first trial in Orange burg in January, his attorneys unsuccessfully argued for a change in venue. They...

Airbnb offers authenticity and a few challenges in Havana

...The apartment was spotless, with decor that reminded me of the working-class tenements of my 1960s childhood in New York City: lace doilies, plastic flowers, slipcovered sofas.Through open windows, dogs barked, babies cried, roosters crowed...

New documentary 'Fresh Dressed' explores hip-hop fashion

...shirt, so you're mixing and matching the preppy identity with the workwear and the athletic shoes," he said.New York City was the heartbeat of hip-hop and the style movement that accompanied its rise in the early 1970s, including looks defining...

Augusta Pride marks quest for equality with festival

...jobs, jailed, or institutionalized because of their sexual orientation.On June 28, 1969, the LGBT community in New York City took a stand against police harassment and violently protested a police raid on a gay bar, the Stonewall Inn. The following...