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Prison ministry opens up world of chances a county commissioner.IN RETROSPECT, I must confess that I have only been good enough to get by most of the time; yet God has provided me His wisdom as a road map to set much higher standards as I interact with my wife, my daughter, my church...
Opinion columns
McIntyre has paid for his crime not in us." King David was an adulterer, yet he was called a man after God's own heart. Moses was a murderer, yet God gave him the Ten Commandments. Former Augusta Mayor Ed McIntyre was convicted of a crime and, as the law instructs...
Words of hope given in final message

...of people standing behind the Virgin during the apparition. Dressed in somber clothes, they were souls in purgatory. Yet God allowed those souls to ascend Tuesday to heaven in Mary's honor, Ms. Fowler said. At another moment, a second multitude...
God can do miracles, if we believe

...Imagine that you are Paul, debating Greek philosophers about the truth of Jesus' Resurrection. Lost cause, right? Yet God brought a few dry bones to life that day in Athens. Imagine that you are Jesus, all alone, dying a horrifying and humiliating...
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Seminar begins with joy

...we are at our worst. If we knew the whole story, we would see how much he has protected us," said Dr. Swanberg. Yet, God doesn't step in all the time to change things. If people could only receive the difficulties in their lives with the...
Things to Do
God help us if Bush is re-elected

...father muddled up. Three hundred-plus lives so far to clear the Bush name. How many trillions of dollars - who knows yet? God help us all if Mr. Bush gets a second term. Fred Frantum, Aiken, S.C.
Applauds religious liberties bill

Abandonment is a horrible thing. Yet, God-fearing Christians need to pass the word along that this is a viable possibility in view of all the recent court action to try...
Tattoo testimonials

...Bibles and portraits of Jesus and Mary, he said. People don't expect to sit down, get a tattoo and talk about God, yet God needs tools placed in different areas of the world, he said. "These people have to be there to get God's word out...
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