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Apple CEO Tim Cook puts gentler face on company

...phones it makes, and some saw it as a sign that Apple was taking a more rational stance.Carl Howe, an analyst with Yankee Group, says the image of a "softer" Apple that has emerged doesn't mean Cook is a softie."Make no mistake: He's...
Launch of iPad 2 lures CEO Jobs back

...make it even harder for rivals to compete."Overall, the big message today is that Apple is offering a version 2 device while everyone else is still attempting to ship their first version 1 devices," said Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe.
WiMAX kicks up Internet powers

...infancy. "There's some good business opportunities out there," said Philip Marshall, an analyst with Boston-based Yankee Group. "It's interesting and it's great to see these small and innovative companies out there." Altanga is the only...
Online videos boost company

...wave of network upgrades, video is front and center," said Zeus Kerravala, a network infrastructure analyst with Yankee Group. Video consumes thousands of times the network space of e-mail messages, and demand is growing so fast that it's...
College students produce, watch videos - all with cell phones

...early to say how popular mobile programming will become in the United States, said Linda Barrabee, an analyst at the Yankee Group, a Boston-based technology research firm. Although cell phones are ubiquitous, a much smaller percentage of people...
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What is podcasting?

...podcasting is still in its infancy. A recent report from Yankee Group, a Boston-based consulting company, estimated that...estimated 41.6 million will be in use this year, Yankee Group reports. "This nascent market is still in its initial...
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Actors mulling strike over video game voice fees

...reality to games, analysts say the voices are not the key to a game's ultimate success. "They have no leverage," Yankee Group analyst Mike Goodman said of the voice actors. "In 99 percent of all games, the voice actors are irrelevant," Goodman...
Saying goodbye to land line

...have home phones, and that portion grows by about 1.5 percent per year, said Roger Entner, an analyst with The Yankee Group, a Boston-based communication research firm. Prices for wireless phones and services continue to fall, making them...
Daily need

...these days because 45 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds own cell phones, reported a study conducted this year by the Yankee Group, a market research firm. When it comes to checking in with parents or having a way to communicate in emergencies...
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Portability rules create little stir

...Roger Entner, an analyst with the Boston-based Yankee Group, says portability was the most talked-about technology...Wireless1:5EVEN:Cingular1:1Sprint PCS1:1Source: The Yankee Group 2004The cost If you're locked into a multiyear contract...