Once-soaring tech stocks sink in sobering comedown

...that long-established tech companies are still holding up relatively well. Many companies in this older crop, including Yahoo Inc., Microsoft, Cisco Systems Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Intel Corp., still haven't surpassed their record highs...

Shrine place to be on game's eve

GREEN BAY, Wis. - You want to meet an honest-to-goodness Cheesehead, not one of these bandwagon yahoos who only recently discovered the Green Bay Packers once they got good again. You want to talk with someone legitimate, someone...

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Ban billboards

...staff writer Jason B. Smith's May 2 Augusta Chronicle news story, "After ruling, owner vows to cut trees." What do those yahoos on the Columbia County Commission and certain selfish property owners want our beautiful county to look like? We need an immediate...

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Blasts criticism of Golf House plans

...letter from Jennings Scott concerning rebuilding the Forest Hills Golf House shows that Augusta still has an ample supply of "yahoos" who will oppose any effort to improve the city. Mr. Scott wants to emphasize that the Southeastern Open (although he wrongly...

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Mike Berardino: Baseball should stop madness of realignment

...representative democracy - or maybe just find some way to merge the House and the Senate - would it happen? Of course not. But these yahoos who run baseball want to take a century's worth of tradition and flush it just because of some stupid poll that shows 76 percent...

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Listen up, We the People are finally speaking out

...television networks nor all the glitterati in Hollywood can get us back in our cocoon. Let them think us a bunch of ignorant yahoos. We the People have been browbeaten by the national media and special-interest groups into thinking anybody can say or do...

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May election date causes 'time crunch' on sales tax package

...master's degree in business, etc., experienced in managing budgets of $600 million subject himself to abuse from some of those yahoos who can't make their subjects and verbs agree? OUT OF THE FIRE SERVICE AND INTO THE FRYING PAN: The Clayton News Daily reported...

Passwords vulnerable after security flaw found

...connect securely with corporate networks.A fix came out Monday, but Web sites and service providers must install the update.Yahoo Inc.'s Tumblr blogging service uses OpenSSL. In a blog post Tuesday, officials said they had no evidence of any breach...

What you need to know about the Heartbleed security bug

...fixed version of OpenSSL has been released, but it's up to the individual Web site administrators to put it into place.Yahoo Inc., which has more than 800 million users around the world, said Tuesday that most of its popular services ? including...

Report: Kansas freshman Joel Embiid declares for NBA Draft

Kansas center Joel Embiid ? a possible No. 1 overall choice ? has decided to enter the NBA Draft in June, according to Yahoo Sports.But Kansas coach Bill Self told ESPN's Andy Katz that Embiid had not informed him of a decision.Embiid, a 7-foot...