Windows XP won't be industry godsend

Microsoft's Windows XP may offer a lot of cool features, but the new operating system...a lot of consumers will buy new computers just because of XP. Rather, "people will choose XP when they choose to buy new computers," he said. John Puricelli...

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More about Windows XP

...Questions, comments and thoughts about Windows XP, Part 2: Q. I just installed Windows XP and there are no drivers for my scanner available...and search for your scanner maker's name and "XP" and see if someone else has solved your issue...

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There are reasons not to upgrade to XP

Windows XP, the new operating system from that goes...reason to shell out the $100 and upgrade to XP. That means buying the program on a CD-ROM...justify a close look at whether you really need XP. Like other operating systems, XP is a master...

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Pros and cons of Windows XP

With the introduction of Windows XP, Microsoft Corp. managed to tick off a...have drivers, forcing some to upgrade. XP has a controversial registration scheme...effectively. After spending some time with XP Home Edition on my main home PC, I am ready...

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Microsoft releases Office XP

...launched the latest version of Office, called XP, on Thursday, holding more than 100 lavish...executives spent the day touting new Office XP features such as SharePoint, which allows...show, a visibly tired Gates called Office XP "a product for the entire world." At...

A few considerations before buying Windows XP

Windows XP is scheduled to be available to the general...first is cost. The four versions of Windows XP cost anywhere from $99.99 to $299.99...existing hardware and operating system. Windows XP is a hardware hog. The minimum requirements...

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Windows XP curve ball - it works!

...and that bug since Microsoft released Windows XP late last October. So finally buying a review copy of XP upgrade would qualify as a nice, easy home...doing now, except for a tiny problem. Windows XP Home installed and works flawlessly. The upgrade...

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The Microsoft Windows XP may not be for you

...officially proclaim the next seven days as Microsoft Windows XP Week. Microsoft's new XP operating system hits store shelves on Thursday, Oct...may not need to spend the required $99 for Microsoft XP Home Edition or $299 for the more sophisticated Professional...

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Microsoft XP is a real networking wizard

...Networking Wizard that's included with Microsoft XP. Using it, I was able to install my network...wizard is "transportable" to computers not using XP. Just copy it to a floppy or use the Windows XP CD to use it with the other operating systems...

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Pros and cons about Microsoft Office XP

...I had it in my hands - my very own copy of Microsoft Office XP (prices vary from $239 to $549 depending on what version you...Another problem with replacing your old version of Office is that XP will take your old settings and apply them to the new installation...

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