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Civil War sites tour set for Saturday 1955 and is where large quantities of war supplies were produced during the war.Dr. Thomas H. Brown, a writer and historian at the University of South Carolina, and Debra Van Tuyll, a professor at GRU, will offer interpretive comments...
Local historian, educator Gerald J. Smith dies

...speak and did. He would speak to anyone."Columbia County was near and dear to him."In addition to being a writer and historian, Smith was an ordained Methodist minister and served as chairman of the Paine College Humanities Division from...
Foreman, McCallum newest boxing Hall of Famers

...championship belts as a junior middleweight, middleweight and light heavyweight. An international panel of boxing writers and historians selected Foreman, McCallum and Argentine lightweight champ Nicolino Locche from the modern-era category, along...
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Portugal expo '98 celebrates past and future prefer), where the locals belt out their plaintive folk songs to the strum of guitars. Ms. Feldman, a writer and historian, lives in Toronto where there is a Portuguese community of 300,000. She recently spent three months on vacation...
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Nelson steps out from the shadows

...the first hole to win. The voting body for the World Golf Hall of Fame consists of Hall of Fame members, golf writers and historians, the World Golf Foundation board of directors and members of the Hall of Fame's advisory board.
Ways of South have hindered some, supplied tales for others

...The question is: Would you trade all the poverty and forgo The Sound and the Fury? "Of course you would." Writers and historians agree Mississippi was slower than most parts of the United States to develop an energetic, well-funded public...
Boxing hall of fame picks first woman for enshrinement

...Johansson were selected for enshrinement in the modern-era category by the hall's international panel of boxing writers and historians. It was Johansson who astounded the boxing world on June 26, 1959, by knocking down heavyweight champion Floyd...
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ESPN picks Jordan as No. 1

...Brown, Joe Louis, Owens, Zaharias and Wilt Chamberlain. They were chosen by 16 experts, including athletes, writers and historians. The full SportsCentury series profiling the top 50 athletes will run consecutively on ESPN2 on Thursday and...
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Boxing `Hall of Shame'

...ripping off their purses. Currently, he faces retrial on federal insurance fraud charges. What could the boxing writers and historians who voted to honor this slime in the Hall of Fame been thinking Ä that they were voting on the Hall of Shame...
Paine College holds day for area historian

...Wednesday morning, including a $10,000 scholarship in his name at a ceremony honoring his life achievements. Writer and historian J. Philip Waring was cited as a tireless and determined crusader who raised the consciousness of not just blacks...
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