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I-20 lane closed today to clean up Monday wreck site

An Interstate 20 lane closure has been scheduled for today while crews make repairs to an area where a dump truck overturned Monday.
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...Dec. 31. The registry provides free medical screening to those who were exposed to chlorine within one mile of the wreck site. To sign up, call (803) 641-3332. Magnet high school is taking applications A.R. Johnson Health Science and...
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Last wreck evacuees may get to return home today

...Wednesday. Houses being inspected are those closest to the wreck site and chlorine spill that killed nine people and sent performed Friday, Lt. Frank said. Cleanup of the wreck site also should be completed today. Salvage crews hired by...
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Several homes require cleaning

...Evacuation zones still remain intact closest to the wreck site, where Norfolk Southern Train 192 crashed into a locomotive...corrosion, which damaged several vehicles close to the wreck site. "The first thing I did was lifted up the hood to see...
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Residents will begin returning home today's data processing center is located yards from the wreck site, and chlorine has a corrosive impact on computer circuitry...Avondale Mills plants and offices in the hot zone of the wreck site. Company officials also tried to jump-start operations...
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4 area schools plan to reopen

...Leavelle-McCampbell Middle School, Byrd Elementary School and Freedman Parenting Center - all less than one mile from the train wreck site - will remain closed through the end of the week. A meeting will be held Friday to determine whether these schools can...
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Officers evacuate area near train wreck

...Officials of Avondale Mills, which owns seven textile plants in Graniteville, including two that are adjacent to the wreck site, said they have joined the lobbying effort. "You certainly assume that the railroad company would be motivated to...
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Travel briefs

...traveling show tells the story of the luxury ship from its construction to its famous demise. Items on display from the wreck site range from luggage to Champagne bottles. The exhibit has already set attendance records for the museum, attracting...
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Graniteville recovery process continues

...department's headquarters near the wreck site is salvageable. The department is...are inescapable. Bushes near the wreck site that are normally green this time...might be torn down. Repairs near the wreck site aren't complete. Commercial cleaning...
Hospital reviews its work on train wreck

...the wreck, disaster officials considered shutting down Aiken Regional Medical Centers because of its proximity to the wreck site and an estimated 220 tons of chlorine on damaged rail cars. That would have required the transfer of more than 160 patients...