Pittsburgh Steelers' duo play against Philadelphia

...Joined a growing list of sports teams worth more than $1 billion, according to Forbes...NFL franchise values.The Falcons are worth $1.125 billion, up 21 percent from...week.At that valuation, the team is worth more than twice as much as the $545 million...

Bank of America settlement likely to benefit few

...Mellon.Instead of foreclosing, Holland listed her house ? worth $270,000 at its peak ? for less than $90,000 in a...just 1.8 percent of the state's population living in homes worth less than their mortgage balance, according to the real estate...

U.S. existing home sales rise for fourth consecutive month

...Fewer home sales stem from foreclosures or involve homes for which the seller owed more on their mortgage than the home was worth.Those "distressed" sales made up just 9 percent of sales in July? the lowest proportion since the Realtors began tracking...

Let Export-Import Bank expire

...its charter expires Sept. 30.Most Americans have never heard of it, even though it has them on the hook for $140 billion worth of foreign loan guarantees that benefit mostly giant multinational corporations such as Boeing, General Electric, Caterpillar...

School bake sale showdown set for Thursday

...foods, such as cookies, candy and doughnuts, at on-campus fundraisers.The 30 exemptions that Georgia is proposing ? worth up to three days each, or a total of 90 days ? would give the state "the worst, weakest policy in the nation,'' says...

Wine Time: Zin-Phomaniac 2012, Lodi

...in the world for growing Zinfandel grapes is Lodi, Calif., so when you find a Zin from Lodi in this price range, it's worth trying.I opened the Zin-Phomaniac 2012 with great anticipation because the marketing material said the grapes came from...

How much should we pay for convicting wrong guy?

...watching your grandchildren grow up and having the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. And then ask what that would be worth to you.Imprisoning men later found to be not guilty has resulted in six Georgia men getting $5.8 million from taxpayers...

Coach K, US team pay visit to West Point

...said, "and that's what we wanted our guys to get today."It seems they did."For sure, it was a special, special day," Curry said. "I won't ever forget my first time to West Point. This was definitely worth the trip."

Barrow's rival close to investing $1 million of own money

...Rick believes in paying his success forward for his grandkids and their generation."He added that if Democrats such as Barrow and President Obama have their way in Washington, "frankly, money is not going to be worth a lot."

Dollar General enters bidding for Family Dollar

...transaction at $74.50 per share at the time. Including debt and other costs, the companies estimated the transaction to be worth approximately $9.2 billion.It remains to be seen if Dollar Tree will boost its offer for Family Dollar, and Wal-Mart...