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Demand more from county council

...County for over 10 years complain about being overworked and underpaid. I have seen and heard the complaints about worn-out equipment, not enough equipment and being understaffed. The last census showed a large increase in population. I was thrilled...
Letters | Aiken County Council
Voting system changes

...month. "I was horrified to know we had 94,000 people who thought they had cast a vote for president and had worn-out equipment not count those votes," Ms. Cox said. Speeding the timetable will mean getting every voter in Georgia to make...
Output has first drop since 2009

...helped lift the economy out of recession.Companies have slowed their rebuilding of stockpiles and replacement of worn-out equipment. Consumers are cautiously spending at a time of 9.6 percent unemployment and slow job growth. That combination...
Space psychologist: Mir is a sweatshop

...Tsibliyev and Lazutkin, who returned to Earth in August, defended themselves, saying the crash was caused by worn-out equipment. Many space officials and cosmonauts took the crew's side, blaming Energia and Mission Control for the collision...
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Cosmonauts blamed for Mir's damage

...its own cosmonauts for history's worst space collision, rejecting the veteran crew members' claim that Mir's worn-out equipment was to blame, an overseer of the space station said Tuesday. A space commission concluded "beyond any doubt...
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