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World Trade Organization weighs in Friday on Fuji-Kodak feud

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The World Trade Organization is about to take sides in an acrimonious film-trade dispute between Eastman Kodak Co. and Japan's Fuji Photo Film Co. At...
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China challenges US anti-dumping measures in World Trade Organization case

BEIJING - China filed a World Trade Organization case Monday challenging U.S. anti-dumping measures on billions of dollars of kitchen appliances, paper and other goods...
Hayes to speak to Aiken Chamber

The United States' chief advocate to the World Trade Organization will address the Aiken Chamber of Commerce this...and permanent U.S. representative to the World Trade Organization since 1997. Before that, she was the United...
U.S. appeals WTO ruling in Canada lumber feud

...GENEVA - The United States on Tuesday appealed a World Trade Organization panel report that found Washington did not comply...assessment that Washington did not comply with World Trade Organization rules, the door will be opened for Canada to...
U.S. warns nations to stop copyright pirates

...Clinton administration that they will be hauled before the World Trade Organization unless they do more to protect U.S. films, books and...willingness to use aggressively the tools provided by the World Trade Organization."
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Ministers agree to remove tariffs on computer-related products

...telecommunications products is the crowning success of the World Trade Organization's inaugural ministerial meeting, which ended...was the first major trade achievement of the World Trade Organization, set up two years ago as a tough global trade...
Trade officer addresses group

...prominent United States trade representative. Rita Derrick Hayes, the permanent U.S. representative to the World Trade Organization, made the remarks as the featured speaker Thursday at the annual meeting of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce...
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U.S. slaps trade sanctions on Europe in food fight

...exercising its rights under the World Trade Organization to impose penalties on the...comply with rulings by the World Trade Organization and the General Agreement...regulations to comply with World Trade Organization rulings. And, in Brussels...
Nations accuse U.S. of unfair trade practices

...with its rivals. But many countries told both trade giants that they were fed up with endless meetings of the World Trade Organization and that the United States and European Union should resolve their differences and stop tying up the world agenda...
Diplomats make trade deal to cut red tape, poverty

GENEVA - After many years of talking, the World Trade Organization pulled off a major deal Thursday that the body said could boost global commerce by $1 trillion annually.Diplomats said the deal...