Show dogs not exempt from licensing requirements approved by animal ordinance subcommitee

...animals six months or older.Subcommittee member Lynda Bragg Workman, who is co-founder of the Augusta German Shepherd Club...You are punishing people who are doing it right," Bragg Workman said. "Five-hundred dollars a year is punitive for people...

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Today in regional history: SEPT. 30, 1980 Workmen took the roof off Butler High School, and Mother Nature this...rainwater leaked into the building. Coverings prepared by workmen did not keep out the water. Custodians worked all day Monday...

Metro | Butler High School | Augusta State University
MCG Children's Medical Center ready for dedication

...After months of tromping past mud and dodging beams and workmen while Medical College of Georgia Children's Medical Center...superintendent Terry Cadwell over the buzzing and hammering of frantic workmen in the lobby below. "Doesn't it, now?" Dr. Kanto said...

Restoration for the ages

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - The Egyptian workmen let out a groan as they hoist a limestone block, suspended...through the structure, weakening everything." Since 1988, workmen have been guided by photos from the 1850s and a color-coded...

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Animal subcommittee discusses exemptions to spay, neuter requirement

...but enable them to continue on with a sport that's good for a community," said subcommittee member Lynda Bragg Workman.Workman is a co-founder of the Augusta German Shepherd Club.However, others worried making the spay and neuter requirement...

Rants & Raves

TO THE WORKMEN who are fixing West Avenue in North Augusta: The sidewalks, the bricks, the road, it all looks so beautiful. You have done...

Line break causes loss of county's 911 service

Workmen digging holes to lay telephone lines cut through a fiber-optic cable in northwest Aiken County, knocking out 911 service across...

Augusta news heard while stuck at home with the pets

I really must start getting out of the house more. I've been stuck inside with the animals while workmen bang around outside fixing things. The dogs put on quite a show the first morning the roofers showed up at 5 a.m. and started...

No cable makes for quiet night

...on a debt you don't even know if you owe. - Mark Twain Talk about roughing it. The cable went out Friday. We think some workmen did the honors, inadvertently slicing our home's connection with the outside world of chatty news shows, Ted Turner reruns...

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...whom the contract for the construction of an all-wood and steel grandstand was let by council Monday night, and his crew of workmen, together with the city engineer, staked off the grounds for the foundation of the huge project. Henry Fabian, groundskeeper...