Sen. Johnny Isakson says U.S. 'on point' in cybersecurity

...China hacked its database and stole Social Security numbers and other personal information of more than 20 million federal workers."It is an everyday battle," Isakson, R- Ga., said of intercepting cyberattacks. "Around the world, bad guys are...

US small businesses feel mixed impact from China's economy

...months. But the prices he pays his manufacturer have gone up more than 5 percent over the last eight months along with factory workers' wages. And factory owners are under pressure to keep raising wages - more than 200 strikes have been reported this year...

Olin Mock

...2015. Mr. Mock, a veteran of the United States Army, was a native of Augusta, GA, where he worked as a construction worker. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his sons, John Mock, Thomas Jarrell, and Joey Mock; sisters, Della Henderson...

Arby's apologizes for refusing to serve Fla. cop

...order at the Arby's drive-thru, about 20 miles north of Miami, Tuesday evening. A manager explained the drive-thru worker didn't want to serve her because she was a police officer. The manager ordered the employee to serve the sergeant, but after...

Items stolen from burned Marshall Square apartment

...who agreed to use a bucket truck to check the apartment for salvageable items, according to the report.On Aug. 20-21, a worker used a bucket truck to check the apartment and retrieved some important paperwork and some items of sentimental value. She...

Approaching health law tax is not just a levy on luxury

...study. The risk is that middle-class workers could see their job-based benefits diminished...Angeles. Ditto for employers with unionized workers who won better benefits through bargaining...employer-sponsored health insurance is tax-free to workers and tax-deductible for companies. It...

Mental health counselor, employees indicted in Medicaid fraud case

...preparation for the state auditors. The employees gathered to create fake documentation of services, the indictment states.The indictment also alleges that other social workers were recruited and paid to refer Medicaid patients to TWI.

GreenJackets Player Report: Sam Coonrod

...adjust in-game; strong frame; maxed physically; durable lower half. MakeupOutstanding teammate; good clubhouse guy; hard worker; student of the game. Final commentsCoonrod earned high praises by being named Baseball America's top pitching prospect...

Friday deadline to comment on overtime rule change

...Department of Labor for overtime pay for salary workers.Friday is the deadline to submit written...regulations.gov.Under the proposed rule, workers who make less than $970 a week would...estimates that 4.7 million white-collar workers who are exempt under current regulations...

Former Athens area coroner admits gun theft

...quite a different matter and won't be tolerated."Tribble reportedly stole the guns fromFranklin's when he was a seasonal worker there prior to Christmas last year. According to court records, Tribble stole the guns by adding them to federal firearms...