A closer look at Woody Merry's bugaboos

COURT COSTS Woody Merry has said the city of Augusta's actions...Augusta. Case pending. JANUARY 2006: Woody Merry sues Augusta and Augusta Commission...settled for $174,000. June 2007: Woody Merry sues the city over ethical questions...

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Augusta activist Woody Merry cuts down tree he says was starting point for Harrisburg drug deals

With a chain saw and spray paint in hand, community activist Woody Merry on Monday morning sent a message to drug dealers and gang members that they are not welcome in Harrisburg neighborhood.Merry...

Olin agrees to cleanup act if Woody Merry will be quiet

...people and nature friendly. Local community activist Woody Merry celebrated the announcement with a press conference at...the environment, we just couldn't stand any more of Woody Merry's nonsense," Olin said. "He probably didn't tell...

Rants & Raves

KUDOS TO WOODY MERRY and the other activists who are taking on crime in the Harrisburg area...compared to Grayson. I LAUGHED OUT loud when I saw The Chronicle pic of Woody Merry with what looks to be a pistol on his belt. Deputy Dawg is in your 'hood...


Woody Merry can do a lot of things, but keeping his mouth closed is not one of them...investigation results in formal legal action. End game What will it take to make Woody Merry happy? When will CSRA Help have completed its mission? When will all...

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Rants and raves

...accounting? One of Obama's Chicago goons? I SEE THAT WOODY MERRY is ranting and raving again, and he leaves out the fact...here. Then they left a year later. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Woody Merry. Keep it up, my brother. TO THE GUY that ranted about...

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Written briefs expand debate

The attorneys involved in Woody Merry's legal challenge of Augusta commissioners' use of abstentions...augustachronicle.com. Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet has taken the case of Woody Merry v. Augusta city commissioners under advisement. He does not...

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Back in our court

The bad news is that Woody Merry's legal appeal seems to have made matters worse. The good news...a spectacular job of making abstentions - and a well-intended Woody Merry lawsuit - unnecessary through consensus building. But that won't...

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Merry, Fennoy brawl is resolved

...simple battery criminal cases involving community activist Woody Merry and Coliseum Authority member William Fennoy have been...823-3225 or johnny.edwards@augustachronicle.com. WOODY MERRY'S APOLOGY LETTER Dear All: Please accept this letter...

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Time to clean house in city government

Kudos to civic activist Woody Merry for not giving up and for calling...in shame. Not me! I'm behind Woody Merry 100 percent. From the judicial...Augusta taxpayers should stand up for Woody Merry. I've known what headaches Woody...