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Former Georgia ethics chief wins retaliation lawsuit

Jurors awarded the former director of Georgia's ethics commission $700,000 on Friday, ruling in her favor in a lawsuit in which she said her salary was cut and a deputy was removed for investigating complaints against Gov. Nathan Deal.
New York City Marathon to go on as scheduled after storm

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday he expected Sunday's New York City Marathon to go on as scheduled after superstorm Sandy.
Biden throws the race card

Even liberal blacks ought to be outraged at Biden's self-serving use of such a horrifying image from America's past for cynical partisan gain.
Altar of ego

He has managed to make himself the laughingstock of this election cycle.
Amid unrest, F1's Bahrain race canceled

The crown prince of Bahrain called off Formula One's season-opening race Monday, handing another victory to protesters aiming to break the ruling dynasty's stranglehold on power in the Gulf kingdom.
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Senate primary winner refuses to quit

South Carolina's Democratic Party asked surprise U.S. Senate nominee Alvin Greene to withdraw after learning he faces a felony obscenity charge.
Challenger presents Few residency papers

...he would think that Mr. Few would step down after being presented with the evidence. "We think he should just withdraw from the race," Mr. Neal said. "Why make a fool out of yourself?" Mr. Merry said Mr. Few runs a "terrible risk of some...
Since Arafat died

It may be too good to last, but since Yasser Arafat's demise several weeks ago, the Mideast has become a less violent place. Many observers believed the longtime Palestinian leader's passing would open up opportunities for peace - and now, with a little bit of luck, that might happen.
Activist enters, quits race against Moore

AIKEN - For about nine hours Tuesday, veteran state Sen. Tommy Moore, D-Clearwater, had a familiar Republican opponent for his reelection bid.
Additional area news

Candidate quits school board race A Richmond County school board candidate withdrew from the board's District 2 race Wednesday, hours before the county's Board of Elections was to hear a challenge to his residency. The Rev. Larry Fryer, executive director of New Hope Community Center, said he was bowing out of the race at the suggestion of the National Office of Global Ministries, a division of the United Methodist Church. "They said they would prefer I not run this time," the Rev. Fryer said.