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Today's cell phones are versatile

...or U.S. cell phone use in 2005 Wireless subscribers: 208 million Wireless penetration: 69 percent of U.S. population Wireless-only households: 6 percent Revenues: $113.5 billion, up 11...
Georgia mulls cell phone restriction

...of wireless subscribers has increased, according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. Wireless penetration of the U.S. population in December 2000 was 38 percent; in December 2005, it was 69 percent. By December...
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Cell phone limits, Browser feeds, Wedding tie-ins

...increase the minutes their customers use, the service could be a hard sell. Erskine is betting otherwise. "With wireless penetration where it is, we're reaching a point where we need tools to help mobile carriers reach new segments," he said...
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AOL expanding Web access America. "Certainly in some markets -- northern Europe, southern Europe, Asia -- there is a very high wireless penetration," Patrick said. "We think our agreement with DoCoMo puts us in a strong position." AOL officials say it's...
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