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AT&T, IBM team up to go wireless

...provide traveling employees with wireless access to corporate networks and databases...grab an early lead in providing wireless access to the Internet and other computer...Other services would include wireless access to e-mail, scheduling and...
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Giants' ballpark pitches wireless access to Internet fans

...When SBC Park opens Thursday for the first of three home exhibition games leading up to the regular season, 121 wireless access points will provide high-speed Internet access in all concourses and seating areas. The ballpark, known until...
Philadelphia to offer wireless access to residents

PHILADELPHIA -- For about $10 million, city officials believe they can turn all 135 square miles of Philadelphia into the world's largest wireless Internet hot spot.
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Columbia County receives broadband grant

...won a grant of about $13.5 million from the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program to increase broadband and wireless access, particularly in poorer areas."It's like bringing electricity to the masses at the turn of the (20th) century...
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More restaurants offering wireless Internet access Aiken and Augusta as more fast-food restaurants and other businesses install wireless Internet for customers. Wireless access can be found at several Krystal and Taco Bell locations. Aiken grocery shoppers can even stop at the Starbucks in...
Augusta is 92nd on unwired cities list

...wireless technology. Last year, Augusta was No. 99. The survey was based on the number of public and commercial wireless access points, local wireless networks and Internet usage, among other things. Augusta was the only Georgia city other...
Microsoft XP is a real networking wizard

...operating systems. I used it with Wireless Access PC 802.11b cards from Orinoco...computers. To handle more you need a Wireless Access Point, which can support up...and can handle the demands of wireless access to DVD movies and other, more...
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PalmOne, Microsoft in deal on mobile e-mail

...companies said. Their shared customers, most notably business users, would thus have a quicker and cheaper way to give wireless access to corporate e-mail on the handhelds, the companies said. "PalmOne is looking for more enterprise customers...
Techbits: Library access, Facebook privacy, Security warranty, and more

...Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found a doubling of wireless access, to 37 percent. High-speed access - defined as...more space, taking advantage of their newly acquired wireless access. The random survey of public libraries, conducted...
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Don't delay, get a router with wireless capability

...your laptop. I am going to test such a setup soon. The other option, if you already have a router, is to buy a wireless access point that plugs in to the router and transmits your signal to the PC card in the laptop. Q. I am having trouble...
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