Ukrainian city drops out of race for 2022 Games

...financial costs of the games. Many have been scared off by the $51 billion price tag associated with February's Winter Olympics in Sochi. Russia spent much of the record sum on long-term infrastructure projects for the entire region.Rio...

WWI was sparked in historic city of variety

...Jewish, Christian Orthodox and Roman Catholic religions. The city is fondly known for playing host to the 1984 Winter Olympics. And it is infamously remembered as a key battleground of the Bosnian War in the 1990s.Despite the dark chapters...

Who needs Sochi? South has its own winter games

The enjoyment of the Winter Olympics has been interrupted by winter.While athletes from around...faults), there is something totally cool about watching the Winter Olympics.Winter Games are simply beautiful to behold. From the ultra-cool...

Activist publishes file of corruption at Sochi Games

...conflicts of interest at the Sochi Winter Olympics.Russia has spent about $51...first American to compete in six Winter Olympics. Lodwick's teammate, Billy...be working for NBC during the Winter Olympics, although she won't be traveling...

Site of Winter Olympics has palm trees, mountain ranges

SOCHI, Russia - For visitors to the Winter Olympics, Sochi might feel like a landscape from a dream...desk.A swim in the Black Sea might make an unusual Winter Olympics memory. The beaches are stony and the water temperature...


...against Oslo bidOne of the two Norwegian government parties has voted against supporting Oslo's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in a move which likely puts the city out of the race.The Progress Party said a majority of its members voted against...

Trainer Dallas Stewart puts long shot in the money again at Kentucky Derby

...Churchill Downs, bringing his flair for fashion to the Derby.Weir, who made a fashion splash as a network host at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, joined dozens of athletes, musicians and actors getting the paparazzi treatment at the track's annual...

Putin bans rallies in Sochi near the 2014 Olympics

...for two and a half months in Sochi around the 2014 Winter Olympics.The Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the official government...Sochi from Jan. 7 to March 21, the decree said.The Winter Olympics are taking place Feb. 7-23 in the Black Sea resort...

Winter Olympics open with a celebration of heroes

...make for a nice night anywhere. Savannah Morning News sports columnist Tim Guidera is part of a team covering the Winter Olympics for Morris News Service. He can be reached at guidera@hotmail.com.

2006 Winter Olympics begins in one month

...relay began in Rome, national soccer team star Francesco Totti didn't bother to show up as announced. "If the Winter Olympics are in Norway, that's all that will be talked about," said TOROC's head of media relations, Giuseppe Gattino...