Left-wingers want to silence the truth

...critics rather than honestly answer questions; accuse opponents of using the very tactics perfected and regularly used by left-wingers; and chill free speech by developing an enemies list. Janet Napolitano's definition of terrorism as a "manmade disaster...

Catastrophic road to debt: We had better bite the bullet before it bites us

...redistribute income and mounting taxes will continue. But if taxes are not increased, debt explodes.To the delight of left-wingers, our debt of $18 trillion is literally incomprehensible, like infinity. Remarkably, this is precisely the catastrophic...

Right's skepticism is valid

...dollars!I feel like the little McCormick lioness at the gate who has to guard against the implausible statements made by left-wingers, who posit their nonsense as fact and reality!I love your paper! We dropped the Greenwood, S.C., Index-Journal...

Lynx notebook

...League debut on a line with wingers Wes Mason and Scott Morrow...center the No. 2 line with wingers Tyler Willis and Tyson Holly...center the third line with wingers Jessie Rezansoff and Kevin...their choice." Whitwell and winger Dean Tiltgen, who was traded...

Republicans brewing some bitter tea

The right-wingers of the GOP are doing something that fits them to a "tea." They are complaining about taxes and the debt. I doubt if they realize...

Liberal columnists published in 'Chronicle' dismay reader

I have noticed an increase in the columns by two left wingers, Ellen Goodman and Leonard Pitts Jr. Ms. Goodman is a left-wing feminist and abortionist, whose modus operandi consists of...


...Thrashers traded Dany Heatley to the Ottawa Senators for Marian Hossa on Tuesday, a blockbuster deal of two high-scoring right wingers. The 24-year-old Heatley combined with Ilya Kovalchuk to give the Thrashers two of the NHL's most prized young players...

Other sports
Where is common sense?

...with tattoos, body piercings, etc.You have the right to be stupid, you have the right to vote into office liberal left-wingers who possess the same mentality as you ? but have we lost all common sense and logic?William ZimmermanHephzibah

Kerry's attributes have no merit

I am tired of seeing all the falsehoods and lies being thrown around by the left-wingers. They are so busy hating President George W. Bush that they don't see the person whom they are attempting to place in the Oval...

Lynx notebook

...in business for Saturday night's exhibition game in Charlotte, but don't get used to seeing center Lars Pettersen and wingers Dean Tiltgen and Louis Dumont together for long. Lynx coach Scott MacPherson plans to utilize the size and toughness of captain...