Windows XP users told of risks and options as Microsoft prepares to pull the program's tech support

...Microsoft is saying goodbye to Windows XP.Although the operating system is more than 12 years old, and Windows XP computers haven't been shipped...still be possible to use existing Windows XP computers after Microsoft retires...

A few considerations before buying Windows XP

Windows XP is scheduled to be available to the general...The first is cost. The four versions of Windows XP cost anywhere from $99.99 to $299...existing hardware and operating system. Windows XP is a hardware hog. The minimum requirements...

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More about Windows XP

Questions, comments and thoughts about Windows XP, Part 2: Q. I just installed Windows XP and there are no drivers for my scanner available...fine under Windows 98, but won't work under Windows XP at all. I went to the Roxio Web site and they...

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Procrastinating on Windows server leads to hacker risk

Remember the panic of Windows XP being discontinued last year? Well, Microsoft is dropping another operating system soon. This one isn't visible on your desktop...

Windows XP spawns new how-to books

...tradition. The release of Microsoft Windows XP in October spawned tons of titles...Robert Cowart and Brian Kittle. - "Windows XP Unleashed" ($49.99, SAMS Publishing...Terry W. Ogletree. - "How to Use Windows XP" ($29.99, SAMS) by Walter...

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For Windows XP launch, timing hurts

...upgrading the company's 27 computers to Windows XP, Microsoft Corp.'s new desktop...the official Oct. 25 appearance of Windows XP, its biggest consumer and business...because most new PCs will ship with Windows XP pre-loaded. The software giant...

Windows XP curve ball - it works!

...that bug since Microsoft released Windows XP late last October. So finally buying...now, except for a tiny problem. Windows XP Home installed and works flawlessly...most-common-problem reports in the early going on Windows XP was downward compatibility with older...

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Windows XP won't be industry godsend

Microsoft's Windows XP may offer a lot of cool features, but...others sell the products at a profit." Windows XP requires 128 megabytes of memory and...recent months. The home edition of Windows XP will be available for $199, or $99...

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Windows XP missing manual

...manuals. The included manual for Windows XP Home Edition is a 22-page booklet...folks, there's David Pogue's "Windows XP Home Edition, The Missing Manual...Example: a common problem under Windows XP is that software that worked well...

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Windows XP adds new features

...But not much of one. Microsoft Windows XP, designed to replace all the other...Microsoft Office, of course). Windows XP has everything that Windows 2000...behave as the earlier system would. Windows XP provides multiple user accounts...

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