Dawson Teague Jr.

...Georgia from 1961-65 at the Episcopal Center, and later served as interim rector for churches in Greensboro, Monroe and Winder. Fr. Teague's work then led him to the Diocese of New York, where, in addition to working with SCI he was an Assistant...

Workers at AGY in Aiken remain idle after seven weeks of unemployment

...on May 1. They said temp workers came into the plant in late April to train next to regular employees.Crystal Wimberly, a winder operator at AGY, said she feels as though she's been tossed away after 11 years with the company."All we did was go to...

New leader for Georgia Power's Augusta region

...Geor gia Power as a distribution engineer and held several leadership positions, including operating supervisor for Madison, Winder and the Northern Re gion, in addition to being the state legislative affairs manager. He also served as treasurer on the Augusta...

Several places lay claim to Alamo fighter Bowie

...Brier Creek, near Georgia Highway 56," he said. Dr. Bruce Winders, a curator and historian at the Alamo, where Jim Bowie died...beaten and stabbed. "He was very well-known," Dr. Winders said, noting that newspaper stories of the fight made Bowie...

Movies, myth, history - and Davy Crockett

...Crockett, is in theaters nationwide after opening April 9. Bruce Winders, the Alamo's curator, says the new epic is the best one...Alamo, and interest in coming to visit the Alamo," said Winders. "It's still the Alamo they recognize." The legends have...

Life & style
Versatile, vertical vines

...support. Winding vines climb with slim, flexible, leafless stems called tendrils that wrap around anything they can reach. Winders include clematis, muscadine grape, trumpet honeysuckle and cross vine and will grow on almost anything. Climbing methods...

Things to Do
Odds and Ends

...their duty deferred, a court clerk said. But Sheriff Carey Winders says the search forced his officers into confrontations with...officers and don't understand why they have to" serve, Winders said. The officers found 50 possible jurors Wednesday.

XXX Bizarre
NASCAR's 50 years recall facts, spur some fiction

...1996: NASCAR goes on the World Wide Web at www.nascar.com. To commemorate the occasion, Microsoft comes out with new Winders '95 software. Feb. 15, 1998: On the 50th anniversary of NASCAR, the 40th anniversary of the Daytona 500 and the 20th...

Other sports
'The Alamo': An epic movie about Texas warriors fights for respect

...fate of "The Alamo" lies in the hands of ticket buyers. But the film already has one high-profile admirer - Richard Bruce Winders, curator of the Alamo museum and author of the new book "Sacrificed at the Alamo: Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution...

Elizabeth Claire Lamkin - Sterling Eugene Busby

...of Athens, Ga., and Ashley Keith of Winder, Ga. The flower girl was Scarlett Busby...Chase Akins, Michael Ventry, both of Winder, Ga. Ushers were John Bowles and Neal York, both of Winder, Ga. The ring bearer was Jacob Williams...