Family hopes poem can solve slaying

...wound to the head. Cole and Lance Cole's mother had divorced when he was only about a year old. The father, who lives in Winder, and son remained close over the years. No suspects have been identified and the Barrow County Sheriff's Office released...

Storms cause problems near Macon, Athens

WINDER, Ga. - Powerful lightning and high winds...Services tells WSB-TV that damage in downtown Winder looks like a scene after a tornado or hurricane...the roof of another home on Emma Lane in Winder.In Macon, lighting was blamed for setting...

UGA player calms strip club brawl

...the customer. When officers responded to the club at about 1 a.m., they said they found Joseph William Kirkland, 59, of Winder, facedown on the sidewalk with his shoes off and the shoestrings tied around his ankles. Police noted he was bleeding from...

Several places lay claim to Alamo fighter Bowie

...Brier Creek, near Georgia Highway 56," he said. Dr. Bruce Winders, a curator and historian at the Alamo, where Jim Bowie died...beaten and stabbed. "He was very well-known," Dr. Winders said, noting that newspaper stories of the fight made Bowie...

Movies, myth, history - and Davy Crockett

...Crockett, is in theaters nationwide after opening April 9. Bruce Winders, the Alamo's curator, says the new epic is the best one...Alamo, and interest in coming to visit the Alamo," said Winders. "It's still the Alamo they recognize." The legends have...

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Versatile, vertical vines

...support. Winding vines climb with slim, flexible, leafless stems called tendrils that wrap around anything they can reach. Winders include clematis, muscadine grape, trumpet honeysuckle and cross vine and will grow on almost anything. Climbing methods...

Things to Do
Odds and Ends

...their duty deferred, a court clerk said. But Sheriff Carey Winders says the search forced his officers into confrontations with...officers and don't understand why they have to" serve, Winders said. The officers found 50 possible jurors Wednesday.

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NASCAR's 50 years recall facts, spur some fiction

...1996: NASCAR goes on the World Wide Web at www.nascar.com. To commemorate the occasion, Microsoft comes out with new Winders '95 software. Feb. 15, 1998: On the 50th anniversary of NASCAR, the 40th anniversary of the Daytona 500 and the 20th...

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'The Alamo': An epic movie about Texas warriors fights for respect

...fate of "The Alamo" lies in the hands of ticket buyers. But the film already has one high-profile admirer - Richard Bruce Winders, curator of the Alamo museum and author of the new book "Sacrificed at the Alamo: Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution...

Alvin Burr

...sons, Michael Burr of Trenton, Eddie Burr and Steve Burr of North Augusta, Brian Burr of Warrenville and Thomas Burr of Winder, Ga.; a brother, Ronald Burr of Otisco, Indiana; sisters, Betty Cherry of Henryville, Indiana, Norma Goforth of Charlestown...