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Hopefuls line up for Lotto Jackpot

...11 million and all," said Ms. Garcia. "Everybody wants the money." The drawing for the Big Game is on Friday nights and the Georgia Lotto is drawn on Saturday nights. Staff Writer Willie Mae Worthey contributed to this article.
Parade honors King's dream

...people. Always jumping up and down after something happens. We've got to become pro-active. With the ultra-conservatives in Congress, things are going to get worse." Staff Writer Willie Mae Worthey contributed to this article.
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Profiles describe violence

...found that the deputy ever used any force in the incident, Investigator Young said. The matter was turned over to the courts and the judge dismissed the case against Mr. Booth. Staff Writer Willie Mae Worthey contributed to this article.
Heaven scent

Peering at the audience with her gleaming dark eyes, 4-year-old Emmy squirmed in Susan Birt's arms as she claimed a ribbon for her smoky white fur coat. "I'm a very proud skunk mother," Ms. Birt said of her pet. "She's a unique companion. She depends on me, and I depend on her for companionship. She's very demanding of my time and loves sleeping under the covers with me." The competition was stiff as 49 contestants waddled and scurried in front of judges during the 11th annual National Skunk Show at the Julian Smith Casino on Saturday.
Special love

At first glance, Eric Barclay seems like the typical 14-year-old who loves to tease his younger brother and would rather spend his days playing basketball and videogames than reading a book. Bashfully darting from room to room at his parents Grovetown home, the well-adjusted teen swigs Coca-Cola and snacks on tortillas. But this growing boy reveals that he isn't like other kids his age. Sneering at his parents for asking him simple questions, Eric stomps out of the room in a tantrum.
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The puppeteer

So your eyesight's shot and your vocal chords are a little tight? Try Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated quick dissolving, fast acting, pleasant tasting green and purple pills. They worked for Dead Eye Dirk, Cactus Pete and Lefty, his side winding serpent friend. So what if they are all cloth-covered, foam-fashioned members of Ben and Keeters puppet show cast? Puppeteer Ben Snead took a long-winded tongue twister from a Ray Stevens song and put his own twist to it, bringing the characters to life in the form of foam puppets.
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News Watch

When it comes to local TV news, deciding which station to tune into each evening may depend on what type of news programming you are in the mood for. Except for major events, each station serves up a different mix of coverage each night, devoting a different amount of time to local news, weather, sports and other segments.
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Young professionals

For Katy Hays, college graduation marked the commencement of adulthood as she quickly traded her book bag and jeans for a briefcase, suits and silk scarves. "I never dressed like this before," said the 22-year-old management associate for SunTrust Bank. "When you're in college, you kind of roll out of bed and into class." But that has changed now that Ms. Hays has moved out of the classroom and into the professional work force. With that came more than just a wardrobe makeover. It meant a whole new mind set.
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Super sitters

Now that Amber Lowe has been properly trained, she can save a child from choking, clean up a scraped knee and soothe a crying baby without throwing a fit of her own. Amber, 12, was in a classroom of baby-sitting entrepreneurs who participated in a recent Super Sitter class at St. Joseph Family Life Center. "It's a great learning experience," she said. "Everyone should give it a try. I've been baby-sitting a long time, but I didn't know how to do the Heimlich maneuver. All I knew was to dial 911."
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Summit attracts students

Crystal Jones didn't mind getting out of bed Saturday morning to listen to lectures because the information she gathered could change the course of her life. "I didn't consider this to be school classes," said the 15-year-old Harlem High School sophomore. "It's good to learn how to be successful, now to be confident and reach goals. This is helping me, because I know I want to be something, so that's why I came."
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