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London's secret museums

...artwork spanning several floors.Don't miss the room of paintings with famed works by English satirical artist William Hogarth, and the Monk's parlour in the basement housing the 3,000-year-old Sarcophagus of Egyptian King, Seti I...
Museum opens display on man and animals

...through Feb. 5, 2006, displays paintings by Vincent van Gogh and other 18th and 19th century artists, including William Hogarth, James Audubon and William Turner. The works chart themes such as the advance of science and alienation of people...
Fashion briefs

...theme - will be based on 18th-century literature or other artistic sources, including William Hogarth. There is so much English humor in William Hogarth prints. He was interested in politics, morals, society - and all are favorites of British...
Life & style
London's Foundling Museum tells story of Britain's abandoned children

...Britain's first home for abandoned children and displays a rich artistic collection that includes works by painter William Hogarth and memorabilia from composer George Frideric Handel. Tucked in a quiet corner of London's bookish Bloomsbury district...
Exhibition of servants' portraits strikes a chord

...are famous - notably John Brown, Queen Victoria's Scottish attendant and confidant. Some of the images, such as William Hogarth's portrait of six of his staff, are warmly affectionate. But many other subjects are anonymous figures, surrounded...
Researchers: Strong El Nino developing

...and temperate marine species shift northward beyond their normal ranges, and other changes in marine life," said William Hogarth, acting regional administrator of the fisheries service's Southwest regional office in Long Beach, Calif.
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