US services firms grow at faster pace in February

...faster rate in February, powered by hotels, restaurants and wholesalers.The Institute for Supply Management said Wednesday that...activity lessened. In addition to hotels, restaurants and wholesalers, the sectors reporting growth include real estate, utilities...

SC tobacco wholesalers to get more to collect tax

COLUMBIA - Tobacco wholesalers will get more money to collect the...State newspaper reported today that wholesalers will get an extra $4 million to...The state Revenue Department gives wholesalers a 3.5 percent incentive to collect...

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Japan orders wholesalers not to sell U.S. beef products

TOKYO -- The government ordered meat wholesalers not to sell hundreds of tons of American T-bone steaks and other beef products imported before Japan imposed a ban in reaction...

Loss of federal money small part of SC road funding woes

...committee proposed lowering the gas tax, which is paid by retailers, while raising the sales tax on fuel, which is paid by wholesalers. That combined with other revenue would raise an additional $400 million for roads.A proposal by Gov. Nikki Haley would...

Georgia craft beer brewers seek take-home sales

...A three-tiered system of brewers, wholesalers and retailers was designed as a reform...assistant director of the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association.As craft brewers have sprung...logistics economies of scale from the wholesaler and, of course, the product from the...

Wine producers, wholesalers fight over online wine sales

...need to be jettisoned. But wholesalers argue doing that would trample...based Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America. Both sides have...Pro-shippers say concerns raised by wholesalers are overblown. Wineries...is shipped from maker to wholesaler to restaurants and retailers...

Wholesalers, manufacturers compete for customers on the Web

...changing relationships are starting to affect selection and price. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for wholesalers and manufacturers to decide whether they are the true merchants in the game -- if they want to take charge of selling the...

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Barrett to sell Broad Street parcel

Industrial-pipe wholesaler Barrett Supply Co. will move to a new location in April and is trying to sell the Broad Street property it has occupied for 71...

Company leaves downtown

...tumultuous 1960s and the prosperous 1990s, the industrial pipe wholesaler stubbornly remained a reliable presence in the downtown community...industrial contracts. "This is the worst location for a wholesaler," he said, commenting on the limited parking space and...

Senators took stance against import tariffs

WASHINGTON --- Georgia's two senators intervened on behalf of an Atlanta-area wholesaler last year to discourage trade sanctions against cheap Chinese paper imports as the Bush administration investigated complaints...