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Hawaii gives up on gasoline price controls

...fuel to try to give some relief to motorists. Under the price control legislation, Hawaii set weekly caps on wholesale gas prices. Those caps were based on the average of prices in Los Angeles and New York and on the Gulf Coast. Then allowances...
Greenspan: High natural gas prices affecting some industries

...technologies "have been unable to prevent the underlying long-term price of natural gas ... from rising." Wholesale gas prices climbed to $6.58 per thousand feet last week, more than double what it had been last year. While declining...
Price of gas is about more than oil

...gasoline prices have risen 38 cents per gallon, or 15 percent, since the first uprising in Libya on Feb. 15. When wholesale gas prices rise fast, filling station owners get squeezed or even lose money because competition prevents them from raising...
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High natural gas prices caused by big demand, short supply

...of $4 million is twice what it was in 1999, says James Vinke, the company's president. In recent weeks, wholesale gas prices have begun to fall back to about half what they were in December and early January, but at $5 per 1,000 cubic...
Chilling gas prices forecast for winter

...Natural gas drilling has picked up only in the past several months, after about four years of slack production when wholesale gas prices were less than half of what they are now. The spot price for natural gas was $2.36 per thousand cubic feet...
Lower gas prices not enough to lift US economy

...Department said in a separate report. That's the biggest decline since July 2009. It reflected a 9 percent fall in wholesale gas prices.Consumers are already feeling less pinched by gas prices. The average national price for a gallon of gas was...
Davis: Don't blame deregulation for high gas bills

...past Decembers, these consumers used an average 171 therms of gas. THE SECOND cause of sticker shock is that wholesale gas prices at the wellhead are at an all-time high - over 67 percent higher than this time last year. As a result, the...
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Oil price rise seen at pumps

...stations from operating above a certain profit margin, officials say. That smaller margin, however, means when wholesale gas prices go up, consumers will almost always see a price increase at the pump. In addition to gasoline price increases...