Please, no Hillary in 2016

...Hillary Clinton finds herself in the White House in 2016, it will prove our Founding...a president.If she is in the White House, her sleazy husband also will...known liar, but he disgraced the White House and the presidency, and he lied...

Freddie Mac posts $524M profit in 1Q; paying $746M dividend

...instead use mainly private insurers to backstop home loans advanced in the Senate last year and was endorsed by the Obama White House. The plan would create a new government insurance fund. Investors would pay fees in exchange for insurance on mortgage...

Obama's acts intentional

...of those who instruct him ? the Valerie Jarretts and George Soroses of the world, and those working for him in the White House.Nothing he does is accidental. It is all aimed at achieving his goal ? our destruction and subjugation.Please...

Treat flag with respect

...But now we must stand by and watch hoodlums disgrace it, or be arrested.If you must demonstrate, do it before the White House, the Supreme Court or the U.S. Capitol building. But do not use our flag!Gil WardEvans

US, Canada unveil rules targeting oil train safety

...industries had lobbied heavily against some of the changes, including meetings several times in recent months with White House budget officials.The American Petroleum Institute said Friday the timeline for tank car retrofits was too short and...

US Rep. Rick Allen pushing for repeal of estate taxes

...hurting our economy."The bill now goes to the Senate, where Democrats appear to have enough votes to block it. The White House has threatened to veto the bill in part because it would add $269 billion to the budget deficit over the next decade...

Income inequality flap is much understated through deceptive data

White House economists, the Census Bureau and the...Contrary to prevailing left-wing and White House opinion, the data show there are numerous...Krugman and Larry Summers, along with White House economists, fail to grasp is that in a...

Police clash with protesters in Baltimore; National Guard takes positions

...is an encouragement to them to know the rest of the city is not just looking on and wondering what to do."At the White House, President Obama called the deaths of several black men around the country at the hands of police "a slow-rolling...

Bailing out of trouble with bale of corrections

...the police farce.? Apology: I originally wrote, "Woodrow Wilson's wife grazed sheep on the front lawn of the White House." I'm sorry that typesetting inadvertently left out the word "sheep." YOUR MAIL: Abbey Kess man, of Hollywood...

If Republicans win in 2016, look out

...I'm seeing cartoons and reading editorials and letters to the editor lambasting Hillary Clinton on her run for the White House.Hate to say it, but you're preaching to the choir.In 2016, it will be 40 years since any Democrat running for...