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...market and come across some beautiful, purple eggplant - or if you've got a bumper crop of it in your garden - you'll want to whip up some of this week's Baba Ganoush. Tuesday, July 22, 2014 A large piece of fish, such as a side of salmon or bright...

What ails Islamic world?

...ideology that is as simple and pure as sister ideologies, but abused by bad people who don't believe. These people used to the whip, the sword, dictatorships and authoritarian rule. These people are steeped in ignorance and superstition. Now we are back...

Karin Calloway: Bite into some sweet brigaderio

...about Brazil after watching the World Cup last month and viewing programs about international sweets on television I decided to whip up some Brazilian sweets called brigadeiro.The confection is an addictive cross between a truffle and a caramel, and it is...

Millage increase was a sweet decision for Augusta Commission

...already left the building, had voted yes a few short weeks earlier.That earlier vote caused folks who foot the cake bills to whip up crowds that came close to threatening to lick the board, causing the supposed fiscal conservatives to step back into a conservative...

Answers letter writer on slavery

...No good came out of bringing (his) ancestors over with whips and chains.": Mr. Hall, your ancestors were sold to the...Whether they were transported to this country in chains and with whips, it seems to me, should not bother you nearly as much as the...

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Homemade bread with spicy dipping sauce is perfect addition to meal

...round loaf and letting it rise for 30 minutes.The bread can be served with butter or dipped into good olive oil, but I like to whip up a tasty olive oil dipping sauce. It's a combination of chopped fresh rosemary, crushed red pepper flakes, black pepper...

Club calendar

BLUES AND JAZZ BLIND PIG: 1251 Broad St.; Shameless Dave and the Miracle Whips Friday and Saturday; 722-7335; www.blindpigblues.com. D. TIMM'S JAZZ CAFE: 302 Sixth St.; The Section Tuesday-Sunday...

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Club calendar

BLIND PIG: 1251 Broad St.; Shameless Dave and the Miracle Whips Friday, Leon Russell Saturday; 722-7335. D. TIMM'S JAZZ CAFE: 302 Sixth St.; The Section every Tuesday-Saturday...

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Poor areas suffer from doctor shortage

FAIRFAX, S.C. - Eddie Richardson, a high-energy ex-Marine, whips on his white clinic coat, slaps on his serious medical game face and snaps up a patient's chart. He smoothly shifts from rapid-fire...

TV women just get tougher and tougher

She karate kicks mercilessly. She butts heads brutally. She whips through doors with guns in both hands blazing. Meet Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), the star of the new series "Alias...

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