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Dixie Chicks concert sales soft in several markets

...completely false. We have known since March 2003 that our path in this business would have obstacles at every pass," the Web site message to fans dated Friday said. "This time around we are willingly feeling our way through unchartered territory. Things...
Running skirt designed for looks, comfort

...that she's become a "skirt ambassador" and tried to spread the word by posting a message on the Chicago Athlete Web site message board. Still, some shorts-wearing athletes just don't get the concept. "It just seems out of place, like...
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'Starting Over' takes desperation out of housewives" Much like its soapy daytime neighbors, "Starting Over" boasts a super-strong fan base. The show's Web site message boards are hotbed of group therapy and girl talk. Ratings are up on a market-by-market basis thanks to the tour...
Name-calling won't return Stallions

After reading recent Augusta Chronicle articles and the Augusta Stallions Web site message board, it saddens me deeply to know how fast things can take a turn for the worse in the Central Savannah River Area. I have...
SEC automating system to catch online fraud, raising privacy worries

...on the lookout for phrases such as "get rich quick," are creating an automated surveillance system to search Web sites, message boards and chat rooms for fraud. But a major accounting firm says it won't participate because the Securities...
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Madonna to perform at alt-rock festival

...artist," said Chris Ross of the emerging rock group Wolfmother. "It's kind of interesting." Coachella's Web site message board heated up when Madonna announced she would play the festival, prompting some unseemly posts like "I hope Madonna...
Woods' run reaps benefits for sport

...modern golf." Some say the accomplishments transcend not only golf, but the sport itself. On the PGA Tour's Web site, message-board respondent William Marble wrote that the four straight major victories are "as impressive as Charles Lindbergh's...
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