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Web meets wilderness in hot new game

...high-tech," said Randy Amos, a Geocacher from Fort Myers Beach, Fla. Geocaching is just a year old. Two Web site developers in the Northwest came up with the game after President Clinton signed an executive order in May 2000 that turned...
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Business briefs

Companies merge locally Red Door Designs, a local graphic design studio, has merged with local Web site developer i Level Web Elements. The company will operate under the name Red Door Designs. Its new Web site is Slay...
NetAid concert raises awareness of poverty

...stadium rental and organizational costs -- was between $4 million and $5 million, he said. The performers and Web site developers contributed their services for free. The musicians performing in London made sure the concertgoers got the message...
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Expert warns of safety glitch in online shopping software

...hundreds more with similar problems with improperly installed shopping cart software. "There are so many would-be Web site developers out there who don't know how to set up an online store safely, but they don't tell their clients," Harris...
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On-line archive hits sour note

...figure the song out, you have it laid out in front of you. It's a tremendous learning tool," said Clarke, a Web site developer and amateur musician. The archive, widely known by the acronym OLGA, is a collection of lyrics and chord changes...
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Toys help break office tension

...when he saw it," she said. "He was just laughing hysterically." A 3-foot toy blimp was enough to persuade Web site developer Eva Bunker, 26, to take a job at a startup company in Dallas instead of at a more established business. The blimp...
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States look to attract heritage tourists

...list driving tours for people exploring the history and performances of the different genres throughout the South. Web site developers say they plan to move into other travel categories, such as Southern architecture and black history culture. Mr...
Businesses get pointers on marketing

...thoughtful questions. In one example, he explained how a Web site developer more than quadrupled his sales by creating an ad...five questions a person should ask before hiring a Web site developer. The U.S. Small Business Administration also...
Broad Street merger

...once-soaring software maker that did well to survive the tech bust, bought graphic designer Mental Soup LLC and Web site developer at the start of the year, folding the two into the Broad Street company. The purchases give...
Patients look to Internet for advice

...Boyer, manager of web services for the foundation. "The name of the game is responsible self-regulation by Web site developers," she said in an e-mail. Dr. Abdulla also advocates responsible national organizations putting a seal of approval...
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