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Across South Carolina

...offensive to a child, the arrest warrant states. Mr. Quinton formerly worked for Attorney General Charlie Condon as a Web site designer and said last year he was forced out because Mr. Condon and some Republicans didn't like columns he posted on...
Be assertive, but polite, to celeb visitors

...celebrity walk by and you want to get a photo or an autograph? Don't play it shy, says Sonia Rodriguez, an Augusta Web site designer who is a freelance photographer for the event photography site She has taken photos of...
Life & style
Justice, Microsoft wage technological tug of war

...break up AT&T, changing telephone service forever. "It's like Tyson vs. Holyfield," Catherine Buzzell, a web site designer from Reston, Va., says, referring to Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, two powerful heavyweight fighters. The...
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War of words

...accessed by people around the world. To impose a language on it would be stupid and a pity," says Herve Ballan, a Web site designer for Accriens Productions in Paris. Many people also point to a need to be practical, noting that English is the...
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Internet changing the face of politics

...Internet, these predictions appear premature at best. "We're on the cusp," says Dave Dolliver, a political Web site designer. "But we won't really see things change until the first five years of the next millennium." There are several...
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Old-time bartering can help pay doctor's bill

...research to figure the local prices for the proposed barter before deciding whether to accept it. Mr. Josefs, the Web site designer, found quick acceptance for his services. A dentist about an hour from his New Jersey home responded a few days...
Fantasy sports games attract online fans

...the millions. "I grew up watching baseball, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as now," said Sales, a Web site designer at a company in Rochester, N.Y. "When there's someone at bat who's on my team and they hit a home run...
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Mystery designer apologizes in Philly mayor web scandal

...who is barred by the city charter from seeking a third term. The page was registered to a Cambridge, Mass., Web site designer Evans said was "associated" with his deputy campaign manager. The page displayed in large letters a quote from...
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Clinton-Jones saga draws steam on the Web

...turned their backs on Paula Jones. I don't think Jones has been treated fairly." Carolyn C. Gargaro agrees. A Web site designer for a New Jersey Internet service provider, Gargaro dreamed up the Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign...
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