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Sales of boxed PC games decline as downloads rise

...inception in September 2004, only four game publishers were on board, selling about 25 older titles. Today, the Web site carries about 130 games from 44 publishers, including titles released the same day they hit physical store shelves. While...
TenForUs organizer plans rally in Evans

...designed the logo. It was his decision to use the tablets in the design. It suggests permanence, Mr. Welsh said. The Web site carries the project's slogan, Know It, Show It and Live It. To counter the drive to sideline the Ten Commandments, people...
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Faith-based folds

...said Joyce Doody, the executive director of the National Flag Foundation in Pittsburgh. Her organization's Web site carries the reading and another one which commemorates civic virtues, such as unity, perseverance and justice. The 13-folds...
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Candidates on Web for 2000 bids

...Fighting for Conservative Values." While again there is no explicit reference to the 2000 presidential race, the Web site carries this advice from Terry Jeffrey, Pat Buchanan's former campaign manager: "Look out for John Ashcroft." Rep...
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