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Food tourism becomes popular in U.S.

...last year, when the 29-year-old found herself essentially drafted into becoming a tour guide. After launching a Web magazine offering a virtual "chocolate tour of New York," Ms. Botez was deluged by hundreds of requests for the real thing...
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South rises again with Internet site

...much historical baggage, Grayson Daughters offers this message: Lighten up! Ms. Daughters is the publisher of a new Web magazine, WaySouth: A Journal of Original Stories and Commentary From a Southern Perspective, that hopes to convey a sense...
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Web site receives nomination

...secret pre-Oscar Awards ceremony. It's the Webby Awards, dubbed "The Oscars of the Internet." Sponsored by The Web magazine, the ceremony honors the best Web sites of the year in 19 categories. And when the time comes to announce the winner...
Celebrities taking big hits on Web sites

...according to James Cury, senior associate editor for The Web magazine. Page titles are often prefaced with "I hate," as...But some examples are gratuitously violent," The Web magazine's Cury says of Jessica's page. "This is taking...
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Web `prank' so funny we forgot to laugh

...But the joke's on me. In the April issue of The WEB magazine, and on her own Web site, Nolin, one of those talented...was a joke. "It is an April Fools' joke that The WEB magazine coordinated with Gena for our pranks issue," James...
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A paperless world? Not!

...HotWired," says Michael Kinsley of Microsoft's own Web magazine, Slate. "Don't they all believe that the lab (Knopf), Steven Johnson, editor of the Web magazine Feed (HarperEdge), HotWired columnist Jon Katz...
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Slate dumps subscription plan

...commercial subscriptions. Slate, a public-policy Web magazine published by Microsoft, has been free to browsers since...revenues are still considered a vital component in making a Web magazine such as Slate profitable in the long term.
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Spanish-language version of national anthem draws ire

...can't help where they were born." Bryanna Bevens of Hanford, Calif., who writes for the immigration-focused Web magazine, said the remix particularly upset her. "It's very whiny. If you want to say all those things, by...
Classic songs are risky, rough terrain to cover

The good folks over at the proudly pretentious indie rock Web magazine Pitchfork recently posted a video featuring Augusta-bred rock act Turf War's lead singer John Robinson jumping on the mic with...
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HGTV still growing

...never saw 'Desperate Housewives.' Why, when I can watch 'Divine Design.'" Kim Garretson, an editor for the Web magazine, says HGTV is also a favorite in the homebuilding and remodeling trade. "This might seem surprising...