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Spammers now clogging blogs, cell phones, instant messages

...Three years ago, Adam Kalsey set up a Web log to share his thoughts about online...messaging and, as Kalsey found, Web log comments. Spammers are flocking to...of late have focused on combatting Web log spam, including the creation of a...
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Blog porn link revives quarrel

...Feller apologized this week for pornographic links on his Web log, or blog, and said he has instituted monitoring that...night to apologize for the images linked to Mr. Feller's Web log. "I think he ought to look people in the eye and say...
Who's kidding whom?

Say you're Web-surfing, as many of us often do, and you come across a person's Web log, and a particular blog entry mentions you. The blogger - whom you know, it turns out - says he'd like to kill you. Would...
Techbits: Blogs pulled, Wireless drive, Wi-Fi rest stops

...for deciding to stop the free service - an episode that reveals deep passions about blogging. Winer launched his first Web log in 1997 and began hosting other people's blogs in 2000, when he headed UserLand Software, a Web publishing company...
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Webcast bringing you the news. Is this TV's future?

...someday may be known as what used to be TV. Like "Rocketboom." "Rocketboom" is a Monday-through-Friday video Web log, or vlog, staged as a mini-newscast. Modeled on television yet summoned from cyberspace, each bite-sized dispatch...
Summer vacations aren't always fun and games

...irritating back-seat sibling rivalries that any 10-hour car ride would inspire. What about you? Why not go to my Web log at and get that bad trip off your chest. We'll see whose is worst. l MORE POSTCARDS: As for...
Bill Kirby
Despite NBC's troubles, Jay Leno increasing lead in late-night

...Jay's show is different every night," said Mark Evanier, a veteran TV series writer who has his own entertainment Web log. "I find it a better party to be at." Leno has won consistently for a decade now, but during that time Letterman's...
Hot topics cool slightly with age

...Where do we bury James Brown? Both Georgia and South Carolina have a good claim. Feel free to post your opinion on my Web log on The Chronicle's Web site - It's in the staff and reader blog section about halfway...
Bill Kirby
New first novels

...Washingtonienne" (Hyperion) is former Senate mailroom clerk Jessica Cutler's "autobiographical" novel about a young girl in Washington, D.C., whose romantic escapades with powerful men soon become nationally known through her Web log.
New 'Nightline' reporting team a mixture of old and new

...Michele Martin will be leaving the show but staying at ABC News. Veteran reporter Dave Marash announced last week on his Web log that he had been cut loose. "What's next?" Marash wrote. "I honestly don't know yet, but I hope I will stay...