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New satellite instrument to improve warnings of solar bursts

...Thursday. The Solar X-ray Imager mounted on a weather satellite will monitor the sun for solar flares and other outbursts...million instrument is mounted on a $350 million weather satellite, in a stationary orbit 22,300 miles above the...
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Resurrection of the Kyoto Protocol will doom president's energy plan professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, a former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service and author of Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate.) Knight Ridder/Tribune...
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Mars Climate Orbiter snaps first picture

...was shot Tuesday, NASA officials said. It was posted on the Internet site over the weekend. The weather satellite is expected to reach Mars' orbit on Sept. 23, about nine months after its launch. Its mission is to map the planet's...
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This day in the Millennium: April 1

...the Hawaiian islands, resulting in more than 170 deaths. 1947: Greece's King George II died. 1960: The first weather satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral. 1963: The daytime drama General Hospital premiered. 1970: President Nixon signed...
Take global tour via web cams

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Hurricane hunter airplane plunges into Nor'easter does a variety of weather research. The just-completed project was a study of high winds over the North Atlantic, designed to aid in the calibration of a wind-sensing instrument being developed for launch on weather satellites.
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U.S.-Europe sign satellite cooperation deal

...cooperate in operating a system of polar-orbiting weather satellites. Under the deal, the polar satellites will be...and Atmospheric Administration operates two polar weather satellites, one of which crosses the equator in the morning...
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Cohen OKs firing laser against satellite in space

...laser against a satellite in space. In the test approved by Cohen, the Army will aim a beam at a small Air Force weather satellite 640 miles in space from the Mid-Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser, dubbed the MIRACL, at White Sands Missile...
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Company uses computer software to find the best fishing spots

...that gives more detailed and accurate temperature information. The company captures data twice a day from NOAA weather satellites orbiting the earth. The company's SeeTemp program enhances the image by adding color and allows someone planning...
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Community is guided by green

...include high performance insulation and efficient furnaces inside, and irrigation systems outside with sensors tied to weather satellite information. Construction waste was kept to a minimum and recycled on site. Mr. Thornton said home buyers are...
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