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Partnership seeks to add businesses

...announced during the partnership's fiscal year ended June 30 were because of expansions of existing industry, said Wayne Sterling, the department's chief of staff. But continuing this path doesn't diversify the economy, he said. "Diversification...
Audit agency blasts Commerce

...spending was out of control and we're not getting the bang for our buck." The report singled out issues tied to Wayne Sterling, the chief of staff who was forced to resign last fall, and Commerce Secretary Charlie Way. Mr. Sterling oversaw...
LPGA stars put on good show

...golfers participated in Wednesday's event that lasted from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The group of Joey Hadden, Wayne Sterling, U.S. Rep. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., and Augusta State University golf coach Jay Seawell, paired with LPGA...
'Davy Crockett' star Fess Parker dies at 85

...2001. "It was time to leave Hollywood. I came along at a time when I'm starting out with Gary Cooper, John Wayne, Sterling Hayden and Gregory Peck.""Who needed a guy running around in a coonskin cap?" he said.Parker had made his...
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Hodges race pits record, tough issues

...Hodges' role in the ongoing scandal at the Department of Commerce. In September, the department's chief of staff, Wayne Sterling, resigned amid accusations of misuse of funds. Then the department issued a report saying Mr. Sterling overlooked...
End the secrecy

...and industry than do former employees in other states competing with Carolina. Commerce's ex-chief of staff, Wayne Sterling, and communications director Beth Braswell left their S.C. posts amid reports Sterling used privately raised funds...
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Across South Carolina

...the allegations of ethical improprieties involve arrangements to sweeten the pay of former Commerce Chief of Staff Wayne Sterling by $30,000 a year through private company donations to Columbia College. Court hears challenge to state tattooing...
Mr. Wayne Ehrhart (AIKEN, S.C.)

AIKEN, S.C.- Mr. Wayne Sterling Ehrhart, 69, of Aiken, died Thursday, December 18, 2003 at Aiken Regional Medical Center. Funeral services will be held at...