Never a loss for words

...heads turn. Who knows what he might say next? What opinionated, four-letter-word spiel might come tumbling out as he waxes on about a game that makes him both ill and ecstatic. The manager of the Chicago White Sox is always outspoken, can be funny...

Hits employee for praising employer

...with both shock and amazement that I read the recent letter "Praises Planned Parenthood care." The author, Karen Holcomb, waxes eloquent on how wonderful the medical care at the local Planned Parenthood is. The truth of the matter is, she should know...

The Terminator poses as wax sculpture

If you enjoy watching real celebrities surprise people at wax museums by posing as statues, you'll enjoy this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger surprising fans around Hollywood.

On The Money: 4 tips to save money on your auto maintenance bill

The flashing light on your dashboard is telling you that it's time once again to give your car something more than a wax and TLC.Maybe your car needs an oil change, or perhaps something more costly, like a tuneup. Either way, it's likely...

Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts

Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts WHAT IT IS: Retail...testing my candles with family and friends, Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts was created. I knew...throughout the entire candle. I use 100 percent soy wax that is biodegradable for a cleaner, healthier...

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Madame Tussaud's wax museum sold

...that it sold the fabled Madame Tussaud's wax museum, London's top tourist attraction...million visitors a year. More than 400 wax figures make up the current exhibition...Executive Gordon Bonnyman said. The Tussaud wax museums in Amsterdam and Sydney also were...

Movie buffs bid on wax versions of Hollywood icons

BUENA PARK, Calif. - Daniel Roebuck went to the Movieland Wax Museum with a goal in mind: "I want their Frankenstein to live...company Asset Reliance Inc. "It's a little bit of Hollywood." Wax figures at the museum included likenesses of Bette Davis, George...

Machine mixes quantity, quality

...what company officials call an already quality-oriented production process. The mixing of raw materials - rubber, resins, waxes, carbon black, sulfur and natural oils - is the start of the process. Just as in cooking, any deviation from the recipe...

Home front

...flooring are penetrating stains and waxes. Stains change the color of...traffic areas in your household. Wax is one of the oldest forms of...applied in very thin coats. Waxes usually accompany penetrating...mind that liquids leave spots on wax finishes. Therefore, wax is...

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Employer spotlight

...OPERATION: North Augusta plant produces inhalation anesthetics, pharmaceutical intermediates and fluorinated oils, greases and waxes. LOCAL EMPLOYEES: 130 (approximate) KEY EXECUTIVE: Dr. Robert Ehrenfeld, founder and president HISTORY: Dr. Ehrenfeld...