Feds concerned about contamination from aging wine at sea

...the bureau advisory said. It added that "biological growth on the container may contribute to the degradation of the cork and wax seal and could contaminate the productwhen the bottle is opened."The advisory warned that contaminants from gasoline, oil...

Rants & Raves

...that we do not know or understand. For instance; Andre De Toth, the director of the 1953 blockbuster 3-D movie, House of Wax, had only one eye. Just saying. I WAS INSPIRED TO see how several groups of white people were working to bolster the black-led...

Americans break drought in cross-country skiing

...sudden kind of dawned on me that we were both having a really good race," Gregg said.The Norwegian team failed to get the wax setup right for the changing conditions and didn't have a single skier in the top 20. Marit Bjoergen - the six-time Olympic...

Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts

Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts WHAT IT IS: Retail...testing my candles with family and friends, Hot Wax Candles Creations & Gifts was created. I knew...throughout the entire candle. I use 100 percent soy wax that is biodegradable for a cleaner, healthier...

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Madame Tussaud's wax museum sold

...that it sold the fabled Madame Tussaud's wax museum, London's top tourist attraction...million visitors a year. More than 400 wax figures make up the current exhibition...Executive Gordon Bonnyman said. The Tussaud wax museums in Amsterdam and Sydney also were...

Movie buffs bid on wax versions of Hollywood icons

BUENA PARK, Calif. - Daniel Roebuck went to the Movieland Wax Museum with a goal in mind: "I want their Frankenstein to live...company Asset Reliance Inc. "It's a little bit of Hollywood." Wax figures at the museum included likenesses of Bette Davis, George...

Villains Are Forgotten, But Heroes Live Forever

...of Whiskey Road in search of some adventure and candy ? well, mostly candy. At the local drug store, the little packs of wax candy bottles and cigarettes filled with sweet cola and fruit flavors were hot items. We laughed and "drank" Coke and puffed...

Kickstarter users search for the secret to being chosen 'Staff Pick'

...projects from my home state of Missouri," she said in a July post. Another employee, Katie Needs, says she backed Nerdwax, a wax that can be rubbed on eye glasses to keep them from falling off the nose, because she's "a lifelong four-eyes."Ferguson...

Scott Michaux, Augusta Chronicle sports fans have love-hate affair

...for their writing.But many of these outlets are filled with stories and articles from reporters and opinion-offerers who wax poetic without ever stepping foot in the towns, let alone the stadiums they are writing about.Scott is present to provide...

At the Movies: 'House of Wax'

...a B-movie scream queen. In "House of Wax," it's something she reveals herself...town of Ambrose, with its famous House of Wax. Similar to the Vincent Price original...climactic scene - a fire at the house of wax, which is literally made of wax - does...