A century of service

...service. Projects by its members and volunteers do everything from raise money for local charities to install potable water systems in remote regions of Third-World countries.The world simply is a better place because of Rotary ? and so is our...

Public-private ventures may build future schools, roads, water systems

ATLANTA -- Getting quicker, better and less expensive roads, schools, water systems and other government facilities may sound like unachievable campaign promises, but a Senate committee is studying a concept that...

Counties aim to meet state's water usage mandates

ATHENS, Ga. --- The likelihood that area water systems can reduce winter water usage by a state-mandated...the state Environmental Protection Division. But some water systems, especially in fast-growing areas, will have a tougher...

Enoree, Tyger watersheds facing quality problems

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Water systems in the Upstate, pressured by high growth, face quality Problems, the Environmental Protection Agency says. The Enoree watershed...

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Cartersville's water top in state

...Cartersville has the best-tasting drinking water in Georgia, according to the first statewide competition among water systems. A four-judge panel of taste testers awarded first prize to Cartersville on Thursday in the contest sponsored by...

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Water restrictions mandatory

...after officials in Richmond and Columbia counties asked residents to voluntarily cut back water use outdoors, public water systems are more strained than ever. Richmond County officials are making voluntary outdoor water use restrictions mandatory...

Power generation shrinks with river

...concerned that the state's four-year drought is beginning to affect electric power generation and some municipal water systems. Officials from the Natural Resources Department's Land, Water and Conservation Division plan to meet with North...

Biden's water project claim is a stretch

...taking credit for starting to build hundreds of rural water systems nationwide. But don't look for construction crews...says, "We are pleased to report that new waste and water systems are under way in 200 communities in rural America...

Pumps working overtime to meet water demand

...faucet and flushing a toilet or two in your home all at the same time is the equivalent of what's happening to local water systems. "You do all that then go to wash dishes and you wonder why there's no water pressure at the kitchen sink?" said...