As government budgets shrink, Riverkeepers become watchdogs and whistleblowers

...surface, though, Savannah Riverkeeper and its six sister groups across Georgia are also stirring up their share of mud ? as watchdogs and whistleblowers who are using the courts to challenge what they see as lax enforcement of environmental laws.One catalyst...

Consumer watchdogs tear into Google's new e-mail service

...online communication, but consumer watchdogs are attacking it as a creepy invasion...Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a watchdog group. The Gmail backlash has inspired...of unintended consequences." The watchdogs also worry that Gmail could give...

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French watchdogs take Georgia Tech Internet site

...landmark court case, French language watchdogs are pushing for a crackdown on the use...about 2 percent are in French, and the watchdog groups are trying to protect cyber sites...court to dismiss the case because the watchdog groups filed the suit without first alerting...

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Partisan watchdogs show their muscle in unraveling CBS National Guard story

...organizations. That attests to the influence of these news watchdogs, who have likely fed a growing suspicion of mainstream media...issues that deserve exploration." Whether fueled by the watchdogs or simply a byproduct of these bitterly divided times, trust...

MOX plan scrutinized by residents

...a cornerstone of Savannah River Site's future, nuclear watchdogs told federal officials Thursday. More than 70 people gathered...Jay. "We don't appreciate that as neighbors of SRS." Watchdogs also questioned the role of French firm COGEMA in the proposed...

SRS holes raise concern of water pollution

...pathways for pollutants to the ground water below? Some SRS watchdogs worry that might be true, despite assurances from officials...said. Dr. Beckmeyer discounted the notion, raised by some watchdogs, that contaminants could migrate down the pipes' exteriors...

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Post pacts on the Net

Government watchdogs are always looking for ways to save taxpayers money and improve government efficiency. Now they think they may have found the...

New video game shoot-'em-ups add some twists

Moral watchdogs are quick to criticize video games for their reckless disregard for human life. And to be fair, there is a lot of bloodshed on...

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Augusta watchdog dies at 89

Ira Nathan Davis Jr., one of the most unapologetic watchdogs of Augusta politics in the years before city and county...reputation as a social gadfly."They called him the watchdog of Richmond County," daughter-in-law, Clara Davis...

District 3: L.A. Williams

The Commission sorely needs to have more fiscally conservative watchdogs, so we commend longtime policeman/fireman L.A. WILLIAMS to District 3 voters. Williams -- who possesses integrity and a...