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Schools can save money in many ways

...the other schools are closed. No buses, no electricity and no breakfast and lunch with their ridiculous amount of wasted food. There are lots of ways to save money. At least the RCBOE is trying. Aaron Hobbs North Augusta, S.C.
Letters | Richmond County Board of Education
What is in your child's lunchbox?

...If your child eats light, anyway, prepare half a sandwich instead of a whole sandwich. This reduces the amount of wasted food. 3. Reduce the number of treats, such as cookies, and replace them with lower-cost, more healthful options...
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Broun is stirring controversy already

...hit me in the head with the hair brush. There was no eating between meals and no wasting food. Grandma said if you wasted food you'd burn in hell, and I never doubted it. Sometimes we had tripe for supper. Grandma was tough on everybody...
City Ink | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Saving on groceries

...them frozen; they're still more healthful than ramen noodles. LOOK IN THE FRIDGE If you're always throwing out wasted food, whether leftovers or a half-gallon of milk, alter your buying and cooking habits so you buy only as much as you...
Huge change for Augusta

...For example, a caterer having to prepare 80 banquets just to cover a handful of functions that week? Think of the wasted food! Indeed, an Augusta judge may show up for work and be handed a few, or dozens, of cases to sentence that day. He...
Blackout cost estimated at up to $6 billion

...Michael Egbert said. The blackout cost the city's 22,000 eateries alone between $75 million to $100 million in wasted food and lost business, the New York State Restaurant Association calculated. Broadway lost $1 million worth of tickets...