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What a hazardous waste

...ahem, "MOX alternatives" in 12 to 18 months.Shuttering the MOX facility, and the defunding of the Yucca Mountain waste site by Obama five years ago, means hazardous nuclear material that could have been converted to fuel will be stored at SRS...
NM nuke leak raises questions

...including hopes by DOE that it can ship hotter, liquid waste from leaking tanks at Washington state's Hanford nuclear waste site. New Mexico Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn said the state will be looking closely at what caused the leak that exposed...
Wildlife roams near downtown Denver

...where the U.S. Army made mustard gas during World War II was once on the Superfund list of high-priority hazardous waste sites. Its transformation, completed in 2010, was no easy journey. But Tom Dougherty, a former regional director of the...
Senate committee to discuss how to choose nuclear waste sites

Testimony will begin next week on legislation that would create a federal agency to manage and dispose of spent fuel from U.S. commercial nuclear plants.
Area groups take Yucca Mountain fight to D.C.

...out that Chu's panel has no representation from the SRS region or other areas that could become "de facto nuclear waste sites.""What the panel recommends will impact us in the nuclear communities more than any other group," she said...
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Disposal space will get scarce

...spoke to department officials this week about the report. The officials indicated that they would be expanding existing waste sites, not opening new ones, Mr. Kirshenberg said. As part of its outreach, he said, the department also needs to keep...
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Blue Ribbon panel to tour SRS, look for solution

...supposed to go to Yucca, but promises got broken -- so what's the alternative?"Commission members plan to tour waste sites and other facilities at the U.S. Energy Department site Thursday and have scheduled a day-long meeting at the Augusta...
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UGA testing hair for toxins

...testing human hair at the request of Brunswick residents worried about the health effects of four abandoned hazardous waste sites nearby, but few people outside the area took advantage of the $20 test.The extension service collected about 200...
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Report seeks restart of Yucca Mountain project

...and the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control, which helps regulate nuclear power plants and waste sites.Most organizations interviewed identified two broad lessons for developing a future waste management strategy...
Licensure process must continue for Yucca nuclear waste site

Let's get this repository built and performing the job Congress intended for it to do