Athens fuel spill makes way into Middle Oconee River

...ATHENS, Ga. -- Thousands of gallons of petroleum waste products leaked from an Athens oil company into a nearby creek...6,000 gallons of contaminated oil and petroleum waste products, as well as diesel fuel and transmission fluid...

Age old question

...Barnwell A: Kidneys work continuously to rid the body of waste products and maintain proper water and salt balance in the blood. The kidneys filter out waste products such as urea, creatinine and acids and direct them...

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Delaying dialysis with low-protein diet

...dialysis. The machines operate intravenously to filter waste products from the blood that the kidneys can no longer remove...The Johns Hopkins study targeted protein because waste products from protein are a source of problems for the body...

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Grand canyons

...canyon" if imagined without roofs. In the 1950s, the canyons were built to separate plutonium and uranium from waste products, with design principles used at Hanford Engineer Works, an older production site in Washington state, similar to...

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Bill would give tax break to biofuels industry

...for new alternative fuel plants, according to state energy officials, who are trying to build an industry for wood waste products that could be converted into ethanol. The state already exempts equipment and items used directly for manufacturing...

Everyday apples pack antioxidant punch

...varieties. The information also could lead to the development of techniques for harvesting antioxidants from the waste products of the apple processing industry, the bulk of which is peel, Tsao said during a recent telephone interview. The...

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Is there help for aging bones?

...replacement," Dr. Isales said, laughing. Yet, other factors might be involved. Dr. Wendy Bollag at MCG is looking at waste products from how cells use fuel that might be accumulating and causing an increase of the bone-eating cells, Dr. Isales...

Ethanol company could buy plant

...industry, which faces increasing competition from foreign markets. Such a refinery also could be useful in recycling waste products from the forest industry. "Georgia Tech estimates you could make 80 gallons of ethanol per dry ton of green fiber...

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The eyes have it

...tears, which bathe the cornea in infection-fighting chemicals and wash away waste products, he said. "With oxygen starvation and a build-up of waste products, what you've got is a sewer," Dr. McAuliffe said. The lack of oxygen causes...

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Clinton wants to double funds for biofuel production

...allow us to use the whole plant, and that is the huge breakthrough," Bledsoe said. "What were formerly known as waste products now have significant market value." Biomass energy, generated mostly from lumberyard waste, is currently about...

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