The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4 Announces the C...

...Background: The Site property has been utilized as a phosphoric acid manufacturing facility since 1962. Several waste products including arsenic trisulfide were generated during the manufacturing operations. These materials were disposed of...

Dottie Pepper covers Masters for ESPN

...The bright white sand is known as "spruce pine" sand and comes from the western part of North Carolina. It is a waste product of the mining process for feldspar. The club installed the sand after the 1974 Masters, according to the Masters...

SRS waste plutonium to be sent to New Mexico

...reactor fuel."This is material with no recoverable value, not suitable for MOX, so we're discarding it as a waste product," said Steve Howell, the deputy director for environmental management operations for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions...

Compromise on environment

...greedy capitalist and entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller was an extraordinarily efficient and effective manager. Later a waste product from the refining ? gasoline ? powered internal combustion engines. Cars powered by gasoline beat the competition...

Using organic fertilizers the right way

...these days, and with good reason. They can provide plants with a long, slow feed, and their manufacture reuses waste products while putting less demand on natural resources. Many gardeners, though, make the mistake of approaching the use...

Bill would give tax break to biofuels industry

...for new alternative fuel plants, according to state energy officials, who are trying to build an industry for wood waste products that could be converted into ethanol. The state already exempts equipment and items used directly for manufacturing...

Is there help for aging bones?

...replacement," Dr. Isales said, laughing. Yet, other factors might be involved. Dr. Wendy Bollag at MCG is looking at waste products from how cells use fuel that might be accumulating and causing an increase of the bone-eating cells, Dr. Isales...

Ethanol company could buy plant

...industry, which faces increasing competition from foreign markets. Such a refinery also could be useful in recycling waste products from the forest industry. "Georgia Tech estimates you could make 80 gallons of ethanol per dry ton of green fiber...

Metro | Deke Copenhaver
Mysteries of sleep studied

...impair the brain? One apparent actor in this system is a substance called adenosine, which brain cells give off as a waste product. The theory goes like this: as brain cells function during wakefulness, they give off adenosine, which mounts up...

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Poultry waste remains state issue

...wet-waste" disposal systems. But the rules exempted Georgia's roughly 3,700 farms that raise broilers because their waste product is dry litter, which is spread on pastureland as nitrogen-rich fertilizer for grasses. The board is now considering...