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Waste oil recycling can prevent sewage backups

A winter quarter "CSRA Used Cooking Oil Recycling Event" will be held Feb. 1-2 to help reduce the impacts of used cooking oils on wastewater and sewage systems in Richmond and Columbia counties.
Students learn cheap way to create biofuel

...Lewis said. He and his students assembled the kit and this week produced their first complete batch of biodiesel using waste oil students had left over from frying turkeys and a couple of store-bought chemicals. "The process we use to make biodiesel...
Georgia to give break to biofuels forest, so the boon for the state could be substantial. BullDog BioDiesel produces fuel from animal fats, cooking waste oil and soybean oil. The company is constructing a plant in Ellenwood that's expected to employ 15 people. Plans are also...
Stinky water is gone in east Augusta

Most of the waste oil and rancid water that stunk up east Augusta last week has been removed...he said. One of the tanks also contained about 30,000 gallons of waste oil that has been pumped into temporary - but secure - containers on site...
Stinky smell lingers

...two built in the 1930s on Prep Phillips Drive near the levee and the Savannah River. An estimated 10,000 gallons of waste oil is in the tops of the tanks. Mr. Darley said officials had to pump out the oil, which will be recycled. The oil is...
EPA looks at old plant

...000-gallon toluene and heptane spill - A 500-gallon release from a rainwater collection basin - A 13,191-gallon waste oil, inks and oil-processing residues spill - A 70,000-gallon former unlined surface impoundment Source: U.S. Environmental...
Company files bankruptcy

...hazardous waste plant." Alternate Energy, one of four permitted solvent recyclers in Georgia, was formed in 1975 to handle waste oil. It became a hazardous waste facility in 1983. The company has been financially crippled for most of the past decade...
Debtor's payment bounces

...with him. He debited my bank account and caused my check to bounce." Mr. Evans said the company, which recycles waste oils and chemicals, planned to pay the debt in installments of $2,650 over six months. "And anything more than that...
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Earth Day awareness increasing in Augusta

...those in place." Clean & Beautiful maintains a list of recycling sites where residents can drop off everything from waste oil to scrap metals, she said. The list is available from Clean & Beautiful's offices at 525 Telfair St. or by calling...
Across the area

...inspection this week, Investigator Casterline said. The facility, which was supposed to open soon, was to have converted waste oil into fuel oil. University gets new president ATLANTA -- Oglethorpe University has named Oregon educator Larry D. Large...
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