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Leak in old oil tank creates big stink

...was found in one of two abandoned waste oil tanks near the Savannah River. Although...there are about 10,000 gallons of waste oil - about 15 inches deep - floating...and hope to commence removal of the waste oil this week. "They had a contractor...
Stinky water is gone in east Augusta

Most of the waste oil and rancid water that stunk up east Augusta last week has been removed...he said. One of the tanks also contained about 30,000 gallons of waste oil that has been pumped into temporary - but secure - containers on site...
Waste oil recycling can prevent sewage backups

A winter quarter "CSRA Used Cooking Oil Recycling Event" will be held Feb. 1-2 to help reduce the impacts of used cooking oils on wastewater and sewage systems in Richmond and Columbia counties.
Shouldering the burden was illegally dumped by Beede Waste Oil Corp. When the Environmental Protection...companies that sent waste to the site. Waste oil disposal companies, however, take...station owners from liability in waste-oil cases has been proposed in Congress...
Cleanup of vegetable oil spill in Aiken County under way

...on-going," agency spokesman Adam Myrick said.The spill originated at Green Valley Biofuels LLC, which recycles waste oil and other materials to make biodiesel. In a report filed by the company with the National Response Center, the spill...
Across Georgia

...recycling business, the site of a June 19 explosion that killed 42-year-old truck driver Dwayne Brown as he was loading waste oil into his tanker truck. The state's fire commissioner said gasoline or diesel fuel was mixed in with the oil, leading...
Stinky smell lingers

...two built in the 1930s on Prep Phillips Drive near the levee and the Savannah River. An estimated 10,000 gallons of waste oil is in the tops of the tanks. Mr. Darley said officials had to pump out the oil, which will be recycled. The oil is...
The List

...Haz-Mat Santa can deliver aerosol cans to all the good little boys and girls.9 Build a seaside slip 'n' slide. Waste oil works best.10 Make your home feel warm and welcoming -- by leaving every light on.
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Students learn cheap way to create biofuel

...Lewis said. He and his students assembled the kit and this week produced their first complete batch of biodiesel using waste oil students had left over from frying turkeys and a couple of store-bought chemicals. "The process we use to make biodiesel...
Earth Day awareness increasing in Augusta

...those in place." Clean & Beautiful maintains a list of recycling sites where residents can drop off everything from waste oil to scrap metals, she said. The list is available from Clean & Beautiful's offices at 525 Telfair St. or by calling...