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Animals entering political ads

...grizzly lumbered across the landscape. The commercial's strong suggestion was that Reagan's Democratic opponent, Walter Mondale, was among those unable to see the danger posed by a rival superpower.No bears, grizzly or teddy, have wandered...
US economy adds 80,000 jobs in another weak month

...8 percent when Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976. Ronald Reagan faced 7.2 percent in 1984 and trounced Walter Mondale.Patrick Sims, director of research at the consulting firm Hamilton Place Strategies, said that "time has run...
George McGovern, former senator and presidential candidate, dies

...military involvement in Lebanon and Central America and open arms talks with the Soviets. Former Vice President Walter Mondale won the Democratic nomination and went on to lose to President Ronald Reagan by an even bigger margin in electoral...
Carter finds happiness in foreign missions

...convened to celebrate the center's newly renovated museum. His supporters are still quick to rush to his defense. Walter Mondale, his vice president, says Mr. Carter took the political heat up front "so we could all be better off." Andrew...
A surprise choice, well-timed

...for itself. This will be the first time a woman has a reasonable chance to become vice president, given that the Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro ticket of 1984 never had a chance against Ronald Reagan. McCain's timing was exquisite, as...
Former aide to Carter honored at memorial

...the general elegction. Mr. Jordan worked for H. Ross Perot's presidential bid in 1992. Former Vice President Walter Mondale, former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn and former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young also attended the memorial.
Mondale critical of vice president

...Vice President Dick Cheney has bullied federal agencies and given absurd advice about the nation's risk and Iraq, Walter Mondale said Friday, adding that never would have been tolerated when he was vice president. "I think that Cheney has stepped...
Pair out of office is living longest

ATLANTA - Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale passed John Adams and Thomas Jefferson as the longest-living post-White House president and vice president in U.S. history...
Braves face crucial stretch

...the race, only 41/2 games out. It's an illusion. The Braves have the same chance of winning this race that Walter Mondale had of winning the 1984 presidential race. A team that has the league's worst fielding percentage, has a .245...
GOP operatives make mark

...Mr. Coleman's campaign, pushing Mr. Coleman's nice-guy image and vaulting him over former Vice President Walter Mondale. Mr. Thompson says presidential primaries and statewide contests have been key for him. The primary "tends to...