'Bless you,' but you should have stayed home

...Wittgenstein We have a lot of people getting sick around here, and I imagine it's the same at your workplace.The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that it's pretty much everywhere and reminded us all of what it called "Flu Season Etiquette...

General Motors plans to sell moderately priced 200-mile electric car in 2017

...showrooms at an uncertain time for electric vehicles with gas prices at $2.15 a gallon nationwide, down more than $1 per gallon from a year ago.The 200-mile electric car was first reported late Friday by the Wall Street Journal.

Greek tragedy

...unenviable political decision Greeks will have to make Jan. 25 is a rock-and-a-hard-place scenario that The Wall Street Journal aptly described as a choice between "responsible stagnation vs. the reckless collapse Syriza would bring."This...

Book gives glimpse of area's yesteryear

...the news media report it?Some suggestions.USA Today: "WE'RE DEAD"Time: "St. Peter, Man of the Year"Wall Street Journal: "Dow plummets"National Enquirer: "O.J. and Nicole, together again"Victoria's Secret catalog: "Our...

Sprint accused of billing for unwanted services

...subscriptions costing $9.99 a month. It said Sprint received up to 40 percent of the revenue from the charges.The Wall Street Journal reported that the Federal Communications Commission is expected to fine Sprint a record $105 million for the alleged...

Hellmann's owner sues over company's use of 'Mayo'

...Hampton Creek did not return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment Tuesday morning. The company told The Wall Street Journal that it doesn't mislead consumers because it advertises the absence of eggs as a benefit.But a marketing professor...

Uh-oh, it's that time again: Uncontrolled envy is a dangerous emotion

...Fed data also observed, "Only families in the top 10 percent ... saw gains during these three years." (The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 24). But this is unlikely. What is likely is that considerable variation among family incomes took place...

AT&T stops adding Web tracking codes on cellphones; identifiers hampered online anonymity

...agencies out there that try to associate that browsing history with anything that identifies you."On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Marshals Service was flying airplanes above cities to secretly collect certain cellphone...

Kirby: Being happy is easy - just act it out

...something to help you through the stress of this holiday week: If you act happy, you're likely to be happy.The Wall Street Journal reported research that seems to confirm what most of us know and many have preached for years.Studies suggest...

Budweiser gives Clydesdales holiday pink slip

...said in a statement Monday.The decision not to feature the Clydesdales in holiday ads was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.The change comes as Budweiser's share of the U.S. beer market has declined since hitting its peak in 1988...