Rants & Raves

...of charge. RANT FOR PEOPLE in restaurants, especially the fast-food ones. Courtesy is a two-way street. You expect waitresses to be very courteous. Our customers also need to learn courtesy. I WOULD LOVE TO know who the ignorant traffic engineer...

Dine & Dish: Sports Center burgers score with regulars, newbies

...like us, came in search of the Sports Center burger.The waitresses at the Sports Center look a little surprised when you ask for...sweet and unsweet tea. While we waited for our meal, our waitress ? who is the daughter of the owners ? entertained us...

Ga. Hooters waitress to donate kidney to customer

ROSWELL, Ga. - A Georgia Hooters waitress will donate her kidney to a longtime regular customer at the...Hooters in Roswell who lost both of his kidneys to cancer. Waitress Mariana Villarreal recently offered to donate him one of hers...

Denny's faces harassment suit

...public Thursday claims waitresses in an Edgewood Denny's...lawyer for three former waitresses and one current waitress suing Denny's...male workers. Former waitress Brenda Bishop, 49...called her and other waitresses a "bunch of stupid...

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You Remembered: Duke Restaurant

...My bride is Ann Williamson, the pretty little brunette waitress who worked for Duke for over 34 years. Despite the fact that...and women my age. Our fathers ate in another group. The waitresses treated us like we were home. Good memories.? Walter...

Right temperature improves drinks

His friends call him a snob and waitresses give him odd looks, but David Turley isn't about to drink a beer with chunks of ice floating in it. That's what can happen...

German beerfest lives up to Bavarian roots

ERLANGEN, Germany - Dirndl-clad waitresses weave through the crowds with huge mugs, more beer is finding its way to the floor than to drinkers' lips, and even the tables...

Life & style
Relaxing kava tea could be impairing drivers

HONOLULU -- There are no waiters or waitresses at Hale Noa, a quiet cafe northeast of Waikiki where an elixir known as awa is the only brew served. Owner Keoni Verity makes...

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'The girls are what we're all about'

...Hooters, the restaurant chain known for its scantily clad waitresses and buffalo wings. "The girls are really the reason...low-cut, tight tank tops and short orange shorts , these waitresses are known for their playful banter and friendly smiles...

Mediterranean flavor in the heart of Augusta

Walk into Luigi's on Broad Street and you think classic, cozy Mediterranean and Frank Sinatra. The waitresses have black hair and olive skin. The mural on the wall, which depicts a small, dusty Mediterranean villa filled with colorful...

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