Georgia authorities investigate whether truck driver fell asleep at wheel before fiery crash

...she was driving Altman to visit her father who was hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Savannah. Melton worked as a waitress to support her six children, ages 9 to 23, Riner said."She was a devoted mother. Her world revolved around her kids and...

Rants & Raves

...compose and approve animal guidelines in, how many years has it been now? Commissioners need to shape up or ship out. TO ALL WAITRESSES and waiters. We go out to eat to relax. We don't need to hear about your life story. ALL OF THESE TOWNS are taxing people...

Dine & Dish: Sports Center burgers score with regulars, newbies

...like us, came in search of the Sports Center burger.The waitresses at the Sports Center look a little surprised when you ask for...sweet and unsweet tea. While we waited for our meal, our waitress ? who is the daughter of the owners ? entertained us...

Millie Goodwin

...Goodwin was born in Wrens, Georgia, to the late Shedrach M. Shirey and Clara Peebles Shirey. She was a well-known and loved waitress at Western Sizzlin on Walton Way for 15 years. Ms. Goodwin was an avid bowler at Masters Bowling Lanes, a member of the...

Rants & Raves

...DEBBIE at the Huddle House between Ellis and 13th streets. She goes out of her way beyond and above the call. If we had other waitresses like this it would be a whole lot nicer. RANT FOR S.C. REPUBLICANS who showed their true colors by electing one of the...

Ming Yat Chinese restaurant closing after 35 years

Stephanie Brode reached out and wrapped her arms around Sue Helms' neck."I love you," Brode told the diminutive waitress as they embraced tightly after a late lunch Friday at Ming Yat in North Augusta."Such nice people," Helms said of...

Denny's faces harassment suit

...public Thursday claims waitresses in an Edgewood Denny's...lawyer for three former waitresses and one current waitress suing Denny's...male workers. Former waitress Brenda Bishop, 49...called her and other waitresses a "bunch of stupid...

XXX Bizarre
City officials can't make up mind on buildings

...ambitious, hardworking, plain-spoken and loving.She met Daddy at the Pon ciana Restaurant in Tif ton where she worked as a waitress. He was the most handsome boy in Chula, Ga., and came from a prosperous farm family. So they got married, and while they...

Right temperature improves drinks

His friends call him a snob and waitresses give him odd looks, but David Turley isn't about to drink a beer with chunks of ice floating in it. That's what can happen...

German beerfest lives up to Bavarian roots

ERLANGEN, Germany - Dirndl-clad waitresses weave through the crowds with huge mugs, more beer is finding its way to the floor than to drinkers' lips, and even the tables...

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