Doubling the minimum wage is fraught with employment dangers

...But if minimum-wage hikes do yield marked...businesses could increase wages anyway, thus perhaps...Since minimum-wage workers are now enjoying higher wages, it is argued...recession, minimum wages were boosted. After the wage hike, and six more...

US job openings stay high, but actual hiring falters in May

...turnover, which tend to lead wage acceleration, were disappointing...possibility that job growth and wages will eventually improve...uncertainties because of limited wage growth. On Friday, the...June. But average hourly wages have risen just 2 percent...

Augusta area employers voice concern about federal overtime proposal

...costs for businesses across the country."I think essentially what you're going to see is just a shifting of benefits and wages inside the labor force," he said. "I think what you're probably going to see is people working less overtime, and that's...

Solid hiring expected for June as US job market nears normal

...percent, a seven-year low. But wages failed to budge, and other...were reversed in June. And wages, which had shown signs of finally...year-over-year gain in May.The flat wage growth suggested that many employers...report might also explain why wages stagnated last month. The government's...

Rants & Raves

...the time. THE REASON THERE is such a push for a $15 minimum wage is the contracts of a lot of the unions, which say they must keep their members a percentage or a dollar amount above the minimum wage. Liberal politicians receive money from the unions, so this...

US unemployment falls to 7-year low, but paychecks flat

...to a 38-year low.At the same time, wages have stalled, rising just 2 percent over...loans and other borrowing.The sluggish wage growth suggests that many employers see...the jobs report might also explain why wages stagnated last month. The government's...

Film incentives bring in major benefits for Georgia

...incentives were put in place, said Emily Murray of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.The film and television industry in Georgia supports more than 24,000 jobs and pays local workers more than $1.68 billion in wages.

Rants & Raves

...buy you lunch, dinner or a drink to say THANKS? You've earned it! UNTIL OUR ECONOMIES are better, no way should minimum wage jump to over twice as much. Not fair to us veteran workers who strive for the 30-year mark for full retirement and not have...

Rants & Raves

...RANT TO those who want to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. By doubling the minimum wage, the seniors that are living on a fixed income...their workforce by that percentage of increased wages. THERE ARE FOUR SPLASH pads for kids in the...

Firefighters called frequently to Richmond Summit apartments

...2014, costing taxpayers $22,456, according to fire department spokeswoman Dee Griffin."The number is based upon hourly wages of each person answering the call," Griffin said. "When the Augusta Fire Department answers a call to a multistory structure...