Push higher local wages

...influence to pull up, not push down, the wages of the hourly worker.Hourly workers in...demanding jobs that pay sensible, higher wages. Augusta's hourly workers want and deserve...heed and speak the gospel of higher hourly wages.The next mayor of Augusta must respect...

Put regs before gender

...adhering to rules and training does. With all things equal, what's the problem?Women in the military are paid the same wages as a man, and they now are eligible for direct combat assignments.Regarding military regulations on women's hair: Think...

SC strippers sue clubs over wages

...fairly. Last month, the operators filed a counterclaim seeking dance fees the strippers received, in addition to their regular wages. The lawsuit was first reported by The State newspaper. The case is similar to others filed around the country. In September...

Wage-ing war

...introduced in 2012, another election year ? would allow employees to sue businesses that pay different workers different wages, regardless of whether the differences have anything to do with gender.Say goodbye to merit-based pay, as it would be...

High jet fuel prices have protected existing airlines from startups, prevented fare wars

...Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Fuel now accounts for more than a third of airlines' expenses, overtaking salaries, wages and benefits as the single biggest line item. U.S. carriers burned through 16 billion gallons of jet fuel last year at cost...

Constructions workers in Rio defy order to end strike

...back to work Wednesday and said a settlement should be negotiated in the next 30 days.The strike centers on a dispute over wages and working conditions.The Web site globoesporte.com quoted workers saying they would work at "a turtle's pace" and...

Raise wages responsibly

I'm not opposing a raise in the minimum wage. Just do it smarter.

Silicon Valley boom eludes many, drives income gap

...to double in the past five years while wages for low- and middle-skilled workers...shareholder meeting Feb. 28 demanding better wages.Farfan, 44, a native of the valley...at the bottom are stuck, with stagnant wages and not enough housing, not enough transportation...

Obama wants overtime pay for more salaried workers

...overtime that is 1.5 times their regular wages if they work more than 40 hours per week...Business groups said any forced increase in wages has consequences that could affect employment...a generation that real efforts to raise wages are being put in place."

Abandon collectivism

...as Augusta, Maine.To the collectivist, only an intrusive federal government knows what is best for education, energy, wages, medicine, our environment and on and on.Washington considers citizens so feeble that they are required to regulate the...