New phone apps cover Microsoft Office and voting for mayors

...availability of a wireless speaker that responds to voice commands.The biggest feature in Amazon's Echo speaker is a voice-recognition system called Alexa that is designed to control Pandora, Amazon Music and Prime Music services and give information...

Convicted rapist scheduled to be paroled

...pending release on parole did not provide a specific date. Conditions of parole include mental health assessments, voice-recognition monitoring and registering. Although the state law governing the sexual offender registry wasn't in force when...

Lexus tops auto dependability survey

...five performers.The top two complaints were technical ones: inability to pair phones to the car and trouble with voice recognition systems, which often misunderstood drivers' commands. That's a change from past years, when design problems...

Voice recognition an unsure science

...Robert Rodman, a computer scientist at North Carolina State University, who was co-author of the 1995 book "Voice Recognition" and has a doctorate in linguistics from UCLA. "One reason is that a person's voice changes over time - and...

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Flipboard and other mobile apps going to PCs to reach users

...fulfills McCue's original vision for Flipboard when he came up with the idea in 2009 shortly after leaving Tellme, a voice-recognition service that he started and eventually sold to Microsoft for $800 million.After concluding that Web browsers...

TECHBITS: Failed demo, human simulation and more

...REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. was hoping new voice-recognition software would impress an auditorium full of financial...risk by demo-ing that on stage," he said. "Voice recognition is historically fraught with danger. It's really...

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Travel apps for Google Glass

...hotelnearme.com. MAP 2 GLASS Everyone has seen that guy, the one yelling at his smartphone, trying to get his voice recognition to work, only to have the noise of the street interrupt or have the phone misunderstand him every time. Don't...

Can smartphones snap out of technological stupor?

...That could happen as smarter tracking tools and voice-recognition technology let smartphones understand habits and...world's dominant search engine, already offer voice recognition technology and virtual assistants that enable smartphones...

Acura's RDX adds first turbo engine

...additional technology package that's expected to be in 40 percent of RDX models sold, this new SUV includes high-tech voice recognition for some car commands, a 410-watt, surround sound system and real-time traffic updates for more than 30 major...

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Shopgirl: iPad 3, Chick-Fil-A and Fashion Week

...people are also saying the iPad 3 will have the high-pixel-count retina display like the iPhone 4S. Siri, the voice-recognition virtual assistant launched on the 4S, is also being mentioned as a possible feature.The iPad has largely dominated...