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Group helps adults with from terminal illness

...went back to work as a supply clerk for The Augusta Chronicle. "After I got back from the hospital, it was mostly vitamin therapy. Basically it's been God supernaturally preserving me for some reason," he said. In September 2003 Mr. Foskey...
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...that only nine people, or 3.5 percent of the group studied, actually suffered from carpal-tunnel syndrome. Vitamin therapy For the many cancer patients who suffer pain, bleeding, incontinence and diarrhea after radiation therapy, there...
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Onions ease pain of bee stings

...otherwise in good health. Our father died of heart disease, so the family history is not good. How effective is this vitamin therapy for reducing cholesterol? A: Niacin can be very effective for lowering cholesterol, and has the advantage of increasing...
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Acne is nothing to laugh about when you get breakouts

...The most likely side effect is dryness. How about taking vitamin A? The bottom line is that for most people, vitamin therapy doesn't work. You'd have to take so much vitamin A to get any help that you'd have all sorts of side effects...