Grovetown Garage Sale High Meadow Sub. 8052 High Vista Lane, Satur...

Grovetown Garage Sale High Meadow Sub. 8052 High Vista Lane, Saturday, February 6th, 8am to 12pm. 706-414-8996

Disc golf gaining in popularity

...You might live near a disc golf course and not know it.Although many of the nearly 5,000 courses in the nation boast grand vistas, glorious flora and some fauna, others are tucked along steep terrain and small creeks, providing a use for parkland not...

Some decry padlocks of love in Paris

PARIS - Without love, what is Paris? Yet what is a trip to Paris without unfettered vistas of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Notre Dame from bridges over the River Seine?Concerns about scenery are clashing with sentimentality...

National average gas price below $3 for first time in 4 years

...The sight is so surprising that Amer icans are sharing photos of it, along with all those cute Halloween costumes, sweeping vistas and special meals: The gas station sign, with a price of $2-something a gallon."It's stunning what's happening here...

Lengthened course out to show its teeth

Turnberry is defined by great vistas and great champions, quite an identity for only being part of the British Open rotation the last 32 years. Move it to America...

Park visitors get high on Smoky Mountains

GATLINBURG, Tenn. --- The ancient blue-green mountains with breathtaking vistas and distinctive mists are home to salamanders and black bears, 19th century log cabins, rippling streams, waterfalls and more...

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The Savannah's saga

Bob Baurle confesses a lifelong addiction to New Savannah Bluff and its ever-changing vistas of the Savannah River. "I was raised right up the road," said Mr. Baurle, now in his 42nd year behind the counter at Lock...

Asheville offers something for every taste

Asheville, N.C., is a city of contrasts. Soaring mountains and vistas compete with funky shops and cultural extravaganzas including galleries, museums and street festivals. If you're looking for...

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Peak autumn leaf colors available close to home

Autumn leaves lure many people to the mountains each fall, but local vistas are reaching their colorful peak much closer to home."I've been out a good bit in the last couple of weeks, and color has...

Really big movies still impressive

Sure, Gone With the Wind is a big movie. With its cast of thousands, sweeping vistas and a running time that can be measured in terms of geologic shifts, it's a sizable slice of cinema. The Ten Commandments is...